Best CB's To Look For 2011

2010 stats

(nnamdi is beast he gave up 0 TD's) 13/33, 39.4% Burn Rate

Darrelle Revis, New York Jets: 33.9%, 19 burns on 56 targets, 340 yards, 4 TD, 10 passes defensed No real surprise there, right? What's interesting to watch is that as Revis establishes himself as the no-doubt best cornerback in the game, his targets finally dropped — from 108 to 56 in a one-season span, per STATS, Inc. That's what made his 2009 even more unreal; to put up a 37% burn rate on that many targets is truly out of the stratosphere. 

Stanford Routt, Oakland Raiders: 39.4%, 39 burns on 99 targets, 635 yards, 5 TD, 13 passes defensed A lot of people thought the Raiders were nuts for giving Routt a first- and third-round tender and then signing him to a large contract extension, but the numbers and the game tape will tell you that Routt lived up to that validation after a difficult start to his career. Of course, the question is whether he will be able to take over that Oakland secondary with Asomugha certainly out the door. Early indications are positive. 

Brandon Carr, Kansas City Chiefs: 39.8%, 43 burns on 108 targets, 758 yards, 6 TD, 25 passes defensed Carr is the forgotten man of the Chiefs' impressive young secondary; most people focus on Brandon Flowers(notes) and safety Eric Berry(notes), and justifiably so. But Carr isn't just assembling stats against pikers while Flowers (who ranked 11th among cornerbacks with a 49.5% burn rate) takes all the tough duty. He's been just as important, especially in diagnosing and covering cluster formations on the other side of the one-on-one battles Flowers frequently has. 

Tramon Williams(notes), Green Bay Packers: 43.5%, 40 burns on 92 targets, 533 yards, 3 TD, 20 passes defensed If there's one guy looking to challenge Revis right now, Williams may be it. Take out his atypically weak performance against Mario Manningham(notes) when the Packers faced the Giants late in the regular season, and he might be at or near the top in a few of these numbers. 

Antonio Cromartie, New York Jets: 43.9%, 47 burns on 107 targets, 700 yards, 7 TD, 17 passes defensed Cromartie is the least consistent corner on the top list. He's always been a boom-and-bust guy capable of great coverage and exasperating mistakes. The touchdown total points to that, but he had a great season as Revis' bookend and he should be a coveted free agent under the new CBA. 

Chris Johnson,Oakland Raiders: 40.0%  Burn Rate.  17 completed out of 42x targeted, 288yards, 3TD's, 9 Pass Deflected, *NEEDS TO STOP GETTING BURNED ON 3RD DOWN "


Burn Rate: basically getting caught on? any completion caught on you is basically meaning you got burned.


Honestly Raiders are looking good at CB's with two of the best on the list!! 

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