Predictions for Raiders Season 2011: Call me Optimistic

Offensive Predictions:


Passing: The 2012 Raiders are going to be a legit Passing threat depending less on check down passing and more on WR's


Jason Campbell - Has his best season 245/390 (63%) 3,450+ yards 24 TD's 17 INT's (+ 1 Rush TD) – A lot of people are calling me crazy on this, but other than last year Campbell has been steadily increasing his production throughout his career. With a year of the system under his belt and his WR’s able to turn a short pass into a lot of extra yards I think he is going to have a great season.


Offensive Line - The starting unit will give up 34 Sacks this season (13 less than last year) - I expect it to start off ugly for the first 3 or 4 games, but by the end of this season Hue is going to have one hell of an offensive line!




Denarius "Mama there goes that man again" Moore - 30 receptions 450+ yards and 3 TD's - Everyone is talking about this kid. He is everything DHB wants to be and more... He is going to have a great rookie season and solidify his position as our #3


Darius Heyward-bay - 15 receptions 200 yards 0 TD (Loses lots of reps after Game 3) - not much to say here, but I think this year, with all the talent at WR, there is no way Jackson or Davis can justify keeping this guy as a starter if he doesn't play consistent. Money will not guarantee him his spot.  I like him as a person and I think he has a great work ethic, but I just don’t see him being consistent enough to warrant him being given a starting spot.


#12 on the Roster but #1 In our hearts, Jocoby "Gimme my Ball" Ford - 60 receptions 1,000+ yards 5 TD's (10 Total TD- 3 rush, 2 return) - Yes, Ford will be the first Raider to reach 1000 yards receiving since Moss did it in 2005! I know everyone is calling for a revolving door policy at WR but I have a good feeling about this. I think he blows it up in the first two games every time he gets the ball thus earning him more playing time and he replaces Zack Miller as Campbell's favorite target.  Look for a high YAC%


Louis Murphy - 20 receptions 250 yards 1 TD's - starting the season injured and WR depth is what is going to hurt his stats this season... He will have to fight to get his reps back next season


Chaz "Ouch my Leg" Schilens - Stays healthy-ish but is given a conservative role (mainly 3rd down and red zone) and records 25 receptions 200 yards 3 TD


Derek Hagan - 35 receptions 450 yards 4 TD - This guy is going to be a huge addition and I can see starting next year. Will probably have a slow first half of the season (while this revolving door policy is in effect), but is going to end the year with a bang! I have a feeling this guy and JF are going to keep JC in a Raider uniform for a few more years.


Kevin Boss, David Ausberry, Richard Gordon (Brandon Meyers if they keep 4 TE) combine 30 receptions 300 yards 5 TD (All but 1 in redzone- Ausberry gets his one TD on a big play) I have 75% of receptions coming on 3rd down or in redzone. I would normally go higher on this because I know how Campbell loves his tight end, but I think that, with Boss being out for so long and the lack of consistency that our other TE's play with, Jason is not going to have a rhythm with the position and will rely on his Receivers a great deal more this year. 


Bush, McFadden, Jones, Reece - 35 combined 600 yards 4 TD - I know how well both Reece and McFadden did last year, but I think they're going to take a hit in this area because of the emergence of Hagan, Ford, and Moore



Darren "That bad Motha- Shut YO Mouth"  McFadden - 275 carries 1,500 yards (5.45 yd average) 9TD's earning his first Probowl selection and Madden will be forced to give him a respectable rating in Madden 13 (87 overall... WTF MADDEN!)


Michael "The Bulldozer" Bush - 160 carries 700 (4.4 yd average) yards 8 TD's


Taiwan "The Flash" Jones - 75 Carries (6 yd average) 450 yards 3 TD's


Jacoby Ford - 10 carries 150 yards 3 TD's – get these on a few end-around and reverse plays


Marcel Reece - With how deep the backfield is Reece will be even less of a factor in the run game then he was last year making his contribution negligible.

Raider's Run Game - 520 carries 2,800 yards 23 TD's # 1 Run Game in the NFL averaging 175 yards a game

Overall:  Top 10 Offense – Top 15 in passing and #1 in rushing


Defensive Predictions: I know it looks doom and gloom, but no worries the Raiders D is going to be collecting a good amount of lunch money this season.

Defensive Line: By far our strongest asset on our defense and the savoir of the season. Last year was a good start, but this year is when the gloves come off.  This line will be the reason the raiders will rank better than 29th defending the run. (Get to that in a bit)

Richard “The Brick Wall” Seymour – he missed a few games last year and was ejected part way through one (best hit on a quarterback all season imo) so I expect his stats to be slightly higher than last year – 55 tackles 7.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble and 1 Safety

Tommy Kelly – This beast of a man is going to blow up in pass rush and dominate the run – 50 tackles 8.5 sacks and 1 forced fumble 1 fumble recovery… for a TD?

Matthew “Lights-Out” Shaughnessy – I am pumped for this guy’s season… you know how big of an impact McFadden was on offense? That is what this guy is going to do on D. Definite Pro-bowl year with numbers that will set a standard for the rest of his career.  70 tackles 14.5 sacks 3 forced fumbles 2 fumble recoveries and 1 INT (the defensive looks that came out of our vanilla playbook in the preseason has me thinking he will get another chance at a pick).

Lamarr Huston – Had a good rookie season and I expect him to build on it – 50 tackles 8.5 sacks and 1 fumble recovery

Trevor Scott – Coming off of injury he is stuck in a reserve role, but should still see enough playing time to record some good stats – 35 tackles 5 sacks (May even get some time at WS LB if Groves doesn’t step up)

Moss, Bryant, Henderson – Combine for 70 tackles and 5 sacks – I think most of this is going to come from Desmond Bryant as he begins to push for more reps. Henderson is old and isn’t always healthy and Jarvis Moss… is… well… Jarvis Moss.

Linebackers: Part of me is concerned and part of me isn’t concerned about the play of this position, but overall I am optimistic about how this is going to turn out.

Rolando “Get Out My House” McClain – This is the year he proves why we drafted him… Coming off of a decent rookie campaign a lot of people are hyped on his Pass D and not so much his run D, but let me assure you McClain is going to dominate in both areas this season. He is also coming into his own as a on-field play caller and leader and I expect big things from him this year – 105 tackles 6 sacks 3 INT’s 4 FF 2 FR and 2 TD’s

Kamerion Wimbley – Another strong year in Pass Rush, but I think he also gets involved more in the run D and earns his new contract – 85 tackles 10.5 sack 1 INT and 2 safeties

Quinten “F!@#ing Bum” Groves – This guy is going to be the Achilles heel of our defense – 35 tackles .5 sack. I am praying for a solution to this problem (possibly moving Scott to WSLB)!


Stanford “Nnamdi Who?” Routt – He is going to play big and be another one of those contract earners… Have a few big plays, but mainly shutdown his receiver – 50 tackles 4 INT 1 TD - Gives up 3 TD’s (Aronud a 40 Burn %)

Chris “Oh that Nnamdi” Johnson – Johnson is going to make some big plays, but is also going to get burned – 60 tackles 6 INT’s 2TD’s – Gives up 7 TD’s (Closer to 50 Burn %)

Tyvon “I Forgive You” Branch – This guy works his ass off, dominates, and still gets critiqued before praised. Dominate in the run game but not so much in the pass… Well at least that was what it was like before. This guy has it out to prove everyone wrong and I believe him – 115 tackles 6 sacks 6 INT’s 3 FF 1 FR 2 TDs… or in other words the defensive player you don’t f!@# with.

Michael “My Bad” Huff – I expect a very similar season to the one he had last year because I don’t see him becoming any more consistent, but he will make some big plays – 90 tackles 5 sacks 3 INT’s 1 FF 1 FR and 1 TD (he will also be acting as the Nickel Back until DVD stops playing like a Betamax)

Overall: TOP 15 Defense – 13th against the run (Around 100 YPG) and 12th (200+ YPG) against the pass

**I know I have a few safeties listed and they seem unlikely (at least to list as predicted stats); however, there were a lot of chances last season where the offense started within their 10 yard line and think we are going to see that again and the defense take advantage of it!

Raiders go 9-7 and it will come down to the wire again who in the AFC West makes the Playoffs 

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