Raiders Timeline Through 2012

I like many of you was somewhat irritated with another firing of a Raider head coach following a season in which for once we didn't continue to finish an embarrassing 5-11. I was also not very keen on the hiring of Reggie McKenzie and his possible choice for head coach in Winston Moss considering he's never been a HC or coordinator at any level. However I may be the only person that was sent in a full 180 degree turn after yesterday's press conference. We now have an owner that is open to overseeing things but not making football decisions. We now have a GM, a freaking honest to God real NFL GM who wants to bring his own head coach! We will soon have a head coach that will not have to be a offensive assistant or offensive coaching retread to be considered for the job. We will have a head coach that will assemble and hire his own staff? That one still boggles my mind. We are a new Raiders organization. You all can cut the crap that we are rebuilding. All Reggie said was we have enough talent to make the playoffs but he will continue to assemble a full roster of the best players for this Raiders team and may have to cut ties with others. We can only improve. With that I give you the first ever predictive Raiders timeline for 2012 starting from yesterday on.


Reggie McKenzie hired as Raiders GM and proceeds to fire HC Hue Jackson. Hue and his Yahoo Sports buddies still assume it was Mark's doing.


McKenzie interviews Dolphins secondary coach\ interim HC Todd Bowles for HC position for Oakland Raiders. This may be very telling in whether or not he is in fact considering Winston Moss as this would be the Rooney Rule interview only to hire somebody else. It may also be his main choice as Bowles would be the young, defensive-minded leader we have yet to see as Raider head coach and may end up bringing in Mike Nolan as DC\Asst. HC.


Green Bay is upset at home in the NFC Championship by the eventual SB champion New Orleans Saints. Selfish Raiders fans around the world rejoice as they now assume we are close to naming our next HC in the Oakland Raiders history of the franchise and first under the new Reggie\ Mark regime.


No hires are made to the dismay of Raiders fans as all media sources are baffled that Moss is not yet named HC.


Moss does not get interviewed but Packers OC Joe Philbin does.


Indianapolis swoops in and gives Joe Philbin best offer possible and hires him as HC. Moss feeling rejected by his boy Reggie is offered the DC\ Asst HC title under Philbin and takes it.


Weeks of speculation are confirmed as Todd Bowles was not only the first man interviewed but was the primary surprise choice all along for Reggie McKenzie. He in fact does bring in Mike Nolan as DC.


Not much in Raiders news with only two picks in the upcoming draft but a lot of NFL teams are deciding who between Andrew Luck and RG3 is in fact Manning or Leaf.


Only notable free agents brought in are on defense. Both Abreyu Franklin and Paul Solai are brought in to compete for starting NT position with loser seeing heavy minutes in a reserve role on all three DL positions. Larry Grant is also signed as ILB to start alongside Rolando McClain.


NFL Draft commences, again not much Raiders news of note.


Raiders season opens with a very impressive home victory.


At 8-5 Raiders have their best start in thirteen games since 9-4 their SB year with Gannon, Brown, Rice, and the Woodson brothers ten years ago.


At 9-5 Raiders need only a victory at home to Tim Tebow and the Broncos to clinch the AFC West the following week. This is actually a much more realistic accomplishment as our defense is giving up an average of 88 rushing yards per game and 17.5 PPG under Nolan who is rumored for several coaching vacancies not including San Diego where as long as Norv Turner is around they can avoid a Philip Rivers crying session.


End of days is upon us and sadly world ends as predicted in the Mayan calendar. Our hopes of watching the Raiders improve to 10-5 and clinch the AFC West are dashed as we will not be able to see it unfold as scheduled two weeks earlier on Sunday Night football in front of a national TV audience.

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