Whitlock sets the record straight on Hubris F Jackson

If you are like me you read Michael Silvers disgusting article on Mark Davis and his relationship with his father the great Al Davis.

An emotion greater than anger was what I felt when reading this article not so much as a Raider or staunch Davis family suporter but as a man. Even if portions of this article are true which is possible it is highly likely that much of it is interactions taken out of context by bitter ex-employees such as Hubris F Jackson himself. There is absolutely no justification to publicly attack a man and his relationship with his recently deceased father even with first hand knowledge let alone biased third and possibly fourth hand recounts.

Photo: Mark and Reggie took out the trash

Today a counter argument has been published by none other than Jason Whitlock which rightfully takes aim a Michael Silver and his disgusting article as well as Hubris Jackson and his self aggrandising nature.

READ THE ARTICLE HERE: The real reason Jackson's gone

As I theorised yesterday the information in the article attacking Mark seems to be clearly be from Hubris himself and possibly confirmed by other Hubris lackeys but just wouldn't to put his name to it.

Perhaps sensing that, Silver, a terrific and credible NFL writer, readdressed the Hue-bris “controversy” in a follow-up column on Wednesday. This time, without quoting Hue-bris, Silver offered the theory that Mark Davis fired Hue-bris because Davis needs to remove any and everyone from the organization who witnessed Al Davis treat Mark Davis poorly.

It has become obvious that Hubris is a two faced snake promoting one persona in person to the media and the fans while behind the scenes being an underhanded power hungry snake who will do anything to promote his own interests at the expense of anything else which is explained beautifully by Mr Whitlock.

The Carson Palmer trade — orchestrated by Hue-bris — could quite possibly be remembered as the dumbest, most-selfish act in the history of professional sports. Seriously. Capitalizing on the power vacuum created by the death of an NFL legend, a first-time head coach, in a desperate attempt to pad his resume and back into the playoffs with a flawed team with zero chance of winning the Super Bowl, compromised the future of his organization by handing Mike Brown a fortune for a washed-up quarterback.

Even in interviews in which he has actually put his name too he continually takes all credit for anything good and passes on blame for anything bad that occurred last season.

It is true that with Al in place Hurbis may have lasted another year as Mr Davis had the clout to control Hubris and his unbridled ego but with the devastating passing of Mr Davis I think it is clear that Hubris woud have become petulant and unwelcoming of a new boss which was very obvious in he press conference after the San Diego game which likely sealed his fate with his proclamation that he would 'be taking a stringer hand with this whole organisation'

In essence I think the firing of Hubris can be summed up in these works from Mr Whitlock:

Firing Hue-bris was not remotely controversial. The controversy would’ve been in his retention. Whatever skills he has a play-caller and a leader are undermined by his delusion and arrogance.

Have a think about it, if you were the new owner or GM looking at what went on last season and the manner in which Hubris acted do you really think you would keep him in place as the head coach and deal with an on going power struggle with your Coach?

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Hubris.

Photo: Hubris basking in his own deluded glory.

Aside from Hubris' arrogance there were also clear on the fields reasons for the firing of Hubris:

- Offense regressed in scoring

- Offense regressed in red zone visits and efficiency

- Offence regressed in FG’s attempted and made

- Defence regressed in pretty much every defensive category and the head coach failed to address.

- Team committed a history making number of penalties

- Multiple games where team was completely unprepared to play from the opening snap.

- Team capitulated down the stretch

Injuries were a factor in some of these things as well however we also had a much better receiving core overall over 2010, a significantly improved offensive line, even with McFadden out we had a borderline Pro-Bowl 1000 yard Running back in Michael Bush not to mention a Pro=Bowl Calibre QB in Carson Palmer. Defensively although it is not Hubris' complete area of expertise as the head coach it is his responsibility and he also had his chosen Assistant head coach in Mike Waufle who is a defensive coach.

Hubris was fired not only for his failings as a coach but as a man and the sooner he realises is the better off he will be. The Nation should be rejoicing that we are rid of this selfish snake and moving on with a great new GM and a new way of going about the business of football in Oakland.

Thank you Mr Whitlock for being the voice of reality on this subject..

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