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There have been many names that have come out over the last few days such as the early favourite Winston Moss, Dom Capers, Todd Bowles, Joe Philbin and apparently the Packers locker room attendant is also scheduled for an interview.

But there is one man that also has a history with the Packers and our new GM Reggie McKenzie and he is a man that the Raider Nation holds above all else aside from the great Al Davis.

This man is................


Jon Gruden loves the Raider Nation and the Raider Nation loves him. Gruden is the last coach to bring lasting success to the mighty Oakland Raiders and his loss is a loss that we are still reeling from but all the wrongs can be righted with his home coming.

The above photo was taken in 2009 when Chucky made a surprise appearance at Raider Nation Mecca Ricky's sports bar and this is a quote from a good Raider man who was in attendance on that day:

"Actually two years ago.chucky the san leandro california raiders sports bar RICKYS..all dressed up in raiders gear and few fans said we want you back and GRUDENS exact words was...i love you guys once a raider, always a can buy out any contract and if the circumstances were different I would love to be back with the raider nation."

Full gallery of Gruden's Ricky's visit can be found here:

Also yesterday on Sirius:

Rich Gannon said on Sirius NFL Radio today that he believes the Oakland job is the one job that could pull Jon Gruden from the broadcasting booth. He also stated that Madden has a great relationship with Jon Gruden and could be the one to get him to come back to Oakland. (from bleacher report)

Many of us have stated the opinion that we need an experienced head coach after going through Rookie after Rookie and there would be none better than the man who has built a winner here before and would command instant respect in the locker room in which he has unfinished business.

Chucky is a brilliant motivator and innovative offensive head coach and bring him back would signal to the NFL that the Raiders mean business and would certainly lead to Oakland once again becoming a destination of choice for great players.

The other benefit of bringing in Chucky is that it surely would be a great boost for the push for a new stadium and nobody would instill instant credibility to the New Raiders than our favourite son.


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