Raiders interviewing Mike McCoy, Dennis Allen from Broncos.

This is an interesting move, but both Adam Schefter and Bill Williamson are reporting that we're interviewing Denver OC Mike McCoy and DC Dennis Allen for our head coaching job.

Were Al still running the show I'd be saying this is a typical Al Davis move - picking the brains of a couple of well regarded assistants from the division winners under the pretext of an interview - and it's possible that Reggie may have learnt this trick from Ron Wolf. However, let's assume that it's a legit deal here.

Allen's served as defensive coordinator in Donkeytown for one year, having previously been the Saints' secondary coach. He's also previously been an assistant D-line coach in NOLA, a quality control coach/defensive assistant in Atlanta and the secondary coach of Tulsa University. He likes to attack on defense - a nice change from Panda's pillow D - and will concede yards and the odd big play to force turnovers and sacks and prevent touchdowns. I have to assume part of the reason Denver's D went from historically terrible to good in one shortened offseason is down to him (with Von Miller and a healthy Dumervil playing their part).

McCoy has been OC and QB coach in Denver for three years - he was originally hired by Josh McDaniels but this was his first year calling plays. Before that, he'd been with the Carolina Panthers for eight years and worked his way up - this was probably why Fox kept him around when he came to Denver from Carolina. With Kyle Orton the Broncos were running mostly a spread passing attack, but because Tebow is a muppet McCoy brought in that stupid option offense. I actually like this - it shows he can adapt his schemes to the personnel around him, which of course was a strength of Hue's. We're also not the only team to show interest in him - the Dolphins have set up an interview for their HC slot.

Neither of them would be at the top of my list, but Allen in particular wouldn't be a bad hire IMO. I really want to see us get in an aggressive, defensive minded head coach (Spagnuolo would still be my first choice, given that I reckon he got a pretty raw deal in St Louis) who recognises that it's probably best to leave well enough alone with the offense. I.e. either re-hire Al Saunders or get in an OC who knows the Air Coryell system which was the basis of our passing attack.

And just to throw my 2c into the "Bring Back Chucky" well - I don't want it. Just like I don't believe in going back to an ex years later no matter how great it was at the time, especially if you (or your team) has changed as much as we have in that time and gone through what we've gone through. Gruden is a west coast offense guy and Palmer would look even worse in the WCO than he did in Hue's offense. Plus, I'm still not convinced of his ability to make an average team great - and let's face it, at this point in time, we are an average team. When he had average teams in Tampa Bay and a significant role in personnel, he struggled. Combine this with the fact that he has a nice cushy job on ESPN right now and a young family, and I don't see why he would even be interested in returning to coaching no matter how much unfinished business he may have in Oakland.

It's time for the Raiders and the Nation to look forward. Whoever our new head coach may be, let's hope he can take us there.

Screwfish out.

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