My Fantasy Scenario 2012

2012 Free Agents

Peyton Hillis - With Michael Bush gone, i believe Hillis leaves the Browns and goes to another team. His value has dropped since his play which makes him decent. Dmac is one explosive RB, but he is a liability to injury. He is very talented and can do things that other running backs can't do. He blocks well and can line up as a WR but his injury has caused us losing games. Dmac will never have a full 16 games season w/o being dinged or injured. Yes he is our best offensive player but i think we can replace his explosiveness with our deep ball game and a mediocre RB. Peyton Hillis is a bruiser and if he had a line like how we have, imagine him in the 2nd gear.

Chester Taylor - This guy can be our 3rd down back. He will improve our passing game, and can give us another weapon like Reece.

Plexico Burress or Steve Johnson - With Chaz in his final year of his contract, i don't see this guy coming back. Neither TJ, who hasn't done anything. That being said, If Plex decides to leave, Oakland is where he will shine, with that frame and deep ball skills, he will give us the RZ fever with that fade pass. Steve Johnson, of course maybe more expensive, but he is just lacking a few things in his arsenal. He has speed and great route running, but doesn't have hands. But who cares he can play and he is really good at times, Cmon DHB got better at catching and im sure Steve can get better as well. He is like Glass, but he fights through it.
Highlights Plex:
Highlights Steve:

Robert Mathis or Red Bryant (SEA) - Both very expensive, but either one improves our defensive lineman. Jarvis Moss, will be cut and so as Trevor Scott. Only if scott got back to how he was before but i haven't seen it all year. Moss has played well, but he lacks that pass rush that can make the QB move. John Henderson will be cut as well, yes he is a beast but i think thats were Big "Red" comes in. Big Red is a run stuffer and a great pass rusher. He can cause havoc in the trenches. He will also give a greater depth. Imagine Mathis on one side, and Wimbley on the other, that is a nice combination right there. Of course Mathis would be very expensive but he would improve our defense a long shot.
Highlights Mathis:
Highlights Red:,

Brady Poppinga or Gary Guyton or Mychal Kendricks(5th Round Draft Pick) - Grooves should be the only LB to be resigned, he plays better on ST's. Blackstock will be cut, and we get Goethel back next year as our MLB backup. Now we need 2 OLB's or 1 depending if Wimbley is set at DE which i hope they do. If he is started at DE then we grab 2 OLB's. Poppinga played for GB, and to me any guy who played LB at GB is usually good, but really he is a good tackler. Gary Guyton is a MLB but i think he can be placed at OLB, he has good coverage skills and is a hard hitter. Kendricks is a speed LB with a nack for the ball, if we can get this guy in the draft then we may have a defensive steal.
Highlights Poppinga:
Highlights Mychal:
Highlights Guyton:

Marcus Trufant Or Corey Finnegan or Cliff Harris(5th Round Draft Pick) : We need help at this position, and bringing in a veteran is the only way to solve this. Sorry but Lito will but cut, he is too small to cover Malcom Floyd or Vincent Jackson. He brings experience but lacks size and speed. Marcus Trufant, a true Press cover guy, what more can i say, he got skills. He may be pricey but not as much as Finnegan. Finnegan basically the best trash talker in the NFL, he fits raiders perfect with that attitude, a real problem for WR's because he gets into their heads. Also a very speedy DB with great ball skills. Either one on the opposite side of Routt will be a great addition. Chris Johnson will be released and Boyd. Also note that Cliff Harris is another possibility in the Draft, Whether we get him or Mychal, im fine with either.
Highlights Trufant:
Highlights Finnegan:
Highlights Harris:

Laron Laundry - Tyvon will be resigned, but if he is not laundry should be the guy one the FA to grab.
Highlights Laundry:
*But biggest of all we need to get done is Fire Chuck, he has done enough with his bad calls. Jack del Rio is what everyone seems to want, but i would go after Rex Ryan. He knows defense, and im sure he can show our defense at full potential.
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