Hue - starts telling the truth?

Well fellow despondent Raider fans

it looks like Mr Jackson finally has started telling the truth.

"I am pissed" - really Hue?

"Our D has been a problem all year" - Really Hue?

"We have been barely holding on" - Really Hue?

"We are going to stop the run" - really Hue?

"We are going to stop the penalties - Really Hue?

Well it appears that our Coach CAN tell the truth. If not state the obvious that every nation member has seen all year.

I have been willing to overlook Hue's shortcomings and mistakes this year as a rookie head coach. I like all of you have questioned his methods and tactics. I refrain from hashing them out as I do not wish this post to drag on. I have found this new and refreshing revelation of the truth from Hue rather interesting though.

One has to ask if this is heartfelt?or an attempt to retain his job.? Not since the 8-2 Mike White coached collapse in 1995 have we seen this 1-4 in the last 5 games..... come on man. If you knew all this why did you not do something your the HC? to paraphrase a wise football man Hue

8-8 is ok if that's the world you live in.

LETS RECAP HUE: You signed on to be a HC not of the New guinea Pigs , but of the OAKLAND RAIDERS. You signed on to return us to our past glory. That glory was predicated on Defense and clutch play. None of that except the Houston game has been evident for a full game all year. YOU are responsible,you have said it all year and as of right now I expect the seat your in is quite warm. As it should be. Things need to change here are some suggestions:

GM - ASAP . REALIZE THAT any new GM may want to bring in his coach and staff

A DC - Spags/Del Rio/Moss or anyone else who can do it.

An OC - Make Saunders the OC -if Hue is going to get more involved (Providing they are retained by the new GM)Then he needs to relinquish the OC to have the time to spare(Trust your coaches or make a change Hue)

Player accountability - Use the Bill Parcells method here - " if you cant do it, your gone son"

Bottom line stop the rhetoric and start with the painful truth. The fact is any truth as painful as it is ,could not possibly be as painful as the debacle of this season and its crushing finale Yesterday.

Unless Davis or Trask intervene I would look for Hue to be back. If he is in on the hiring process then of course he will want a Jackson friendly GM so I would look forward to the Hue Jack speak again next year. AFTER ALL IT IS HIS JOB TO GET IT FIXED

Peace, Love, Hope and Joy to you all

Go Raiders

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