Building A Defense. Part 2. A QB Hungry Defensive Line.

Everyone that read my part one understands that we need to bring back Tyvon Branch. Without him our defense goes back 5 years. Believe me everyone remembers how bad we were then. That might be a little too much credit for him but I really don't care he's the only consistent player that plays every down on the defense.

Huff, Wimbley, and Tommy Kelly are bringing down the defense. Not so much by their play but by their pay. With the new coach here I'm sure he's already thinking about to take care of this problem.

Simple. Trade Huff and Wimbley. Wimbley fits perfect in a 3-4 and Huff will play better in more of an all zone defense. Wimbley has to have some trade value after he destroyed Rivers under the lights. Huff made some plays but not enough for the amount of money he gets.

Restructure Kelly and he should accept he won't get paid much anywhere and let him retire a Raider right next to Seymour.

Now has anyone other then me noticed that our line is pretty much all UTs. Shaughnessy is a run stopping DE a good one I might add but other then that who's bringing that pass rush? We haven't had a pass rushing end since Burgess.

I figure Curry will play Von Miller in our new Donkey defense but who's going to play Dumervile? Shaughnessy is good and will give RTs in this league fits but he isn't a Dumervile.

Houston needs to be moved in the middle of the line. Bryant plays very good at times. Seymour had so many games where he made plays the first drive and then disappeared. This line didn't play like the same line that painted Cassel's jersey green the last game of the season last year.

Jarvis Moss and Mathew Shaughnessy are really the only DEs we have and can they bring the pain? Moss should be spelling Matt and can't be a starter.

So what do we do? Keep Wimbley and have him be a full time DE? FA? Draft?

I can't think of any rookie pass rushing DEs that make a big difference their rookie year. Especially when we have no NT clogging the middle.

We were so bad at stopping the run that we stacked our line with huge slow guys to fill the hole so our god damn high priced gun slinging MLB can hit the wrong hole and we forgot about the pass.

We need to dump the Kelly, dump the Wimbley, and dump the Huff, so we can find a NT, and a Dumervile for the new Donkfense.

So I am saying DE NT and FS are our biggest needs and if you read my part 1 FS is taken care of.

Without draft picks and little money to spend I don't see our defense much improving this year. Maybe it'll move up 5 spots in points allowed and our D cord will get offered a head coaching jump. Hey it happened in Denver.

My next post will have some of the late round gems we can maybe get in the draft at DE and NT. I gotta watch the senior bowl to see some of them play.

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