Who the Raiders are scouting at the Senior Bowl

Alright Nation, this is the third time I've tried to post this piece on who the Raiders are talking to on the sidelines of the Senior Bowl. I guess I had too much information as my post wouldn't publish. So, I am going to use a rport that came out from our fellow Nation citizens at Silver & Black Report:

The Oakland Raiders have begun prep for the NFL draft with their scouting at the Senior Bowl.

The practices during the week are just as important as the game on Saturday, as it gives scouts and coaches the opportunity to examine the country’s best senior collegiate talents.

One player Oakland has met with this week has been Texas A&M wide receiver Jeff Fuller. The target had a breakout junior campaign, but as a senior, he dealt with injuries that limited his production. In 2010, lined up against future NFL talent Patrick Peterson in the Cotton Bowl, Fuller compiled 82-yards on seven catches.

He looks to be a developmental player and someone who could be had in later rounds, especially if there’s no improvement from his Senior Bowl week practices during the combine.

Baylor running back Terrance Ganaway has caught the eye of the Silver & Black. The bruising ball carrier has struggled in pass protection and demonstrated poor habits, but looks every bit of a short yardage runner between the tackles.

At 5-11 and 241 pounds, Ganaway has to show more in the coming months to be a viable prospect who could make some noise in his first year.

The Raiders have had their eyes on linebackers all week and spoke to talented, yet troubled cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

He was kicked off the Florida football team for varying offenses, and those character issues will surely drop him on many draft boards. Playing for North Alabama did not provide much top level competition and his meetings throughout the week were as much to rehabilitate his image and possibly get him into the 1st round or top half of the 2nd round in April’s draft.

Offensive lineman Ben Jones (Georgia), who is one of the better center prospects, and is projected to go late in the 2nd or the 3rd round also met with the Raiders.

Alfred Morris, a 5-11, 220-pound running back, caught the eye of scout Zack Crockett.

"He plays physical," said the former Raiders rusher. "For his size, he does a lot of good things. When you look at a guy who loves the game the way he does, you don’t look at the size of the guy. You just know this guy is a player.

"You look at him on special teams, and he’s willing to do that. And for his size at fullback, he’s not afraid to go in there and put a lick on somebody. He thinks he’s at a school that no one knows, but when you are a good player, they will find you anywhere."

Jamell Flemming was a cornerback that impressed many scouts, including those that work for the Raiders. At 5-foot-11 and 200 pounds, his cover skills and physical play at the line of scrimmage are some strengths.

Now, I've mentioned Terrance Ganaway before. It seems that the Raiders are preparing for Michael Bush's departure. Here are some highlights of the two RB's:

FAU football: Alfred Morris runs wild in first spring scrimmage2009 (via FAUOwlAccess)

Terrance Gannaway vs Washington 2011 (via JMPasq)

Now, these are the only highlights I could find of these guys. I will say one thing, TG is a beast. I've seen some Baylor games and that guy averaged 6 yards a carry in many of those games. Not mentioned in the article is how the Raiders are looking at Clemson DT Brandon Thompson and LBs Sean Spence and Bobby Wagner.

So it seems, we are looking to replace Bush and some of or LBs.

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