Its clean-up time! (revised)

Ok raiders fans lets be honest! our defense was BEYOND TERRIBLE THE WHOLE YEAR!. We were not going to the super bowl we lucky we won 8 games with that roster!. With that being said im going to act like a little kid and sing the song "its clean-up its's clean-up everybody cleans up!." I was inspired by a fan who posted HIS version now here is MY VERSION!.

Front office: If you are an average fan you would not understand why our team lost focus. If you are an insane fan like me who watches every interview and knows every personnel move we make since last february you will understand where things went downhill. Lets start off with the death of Al Davis. After he gave us his final fuck you for 2011 Hue Jackson tried do everything and it was completely overwhelming for anybody! The personnel move for Aaron Curry and Carson Palmer were risky but promising moves. I believe however Hue does not qualify to be good general manager at all. For the most part he shows too much favoritism on and off the field and a huge example of that was signing the really really slow wr TJ HOUSH! Some of your friends in the bar should stay as your friends in the bar!. AL davis was very active in our organization (sometimes too active) and to take on the same responsibilities as Al in the middle of the season is like a cashier in a retail store being promoted to district manager overnight! I cannot blame Hue for trying!

Head coaching: Hue Jackson stays he is a phenominal head coach! great job handling adversity

Defensive cordinator: Chuck Breshan he must go. I don't believe in bringing back coaches who failed in the past. Do i fully blame Chuck no because he did not have a huge amount of talent to work with but still his schemes and game preparation were horrific. Running tampa 2 and having Rolando Mclain guard top tier receivers is not intelligent at all!. I love the candidates out there but who i really really really want is Steve Spagnolo. He's intense, He's smart, and he got shafted in St Louis because that team had no talent! 3 years was not enough!

defensive backs coach: Rod Woodson did a great job with the little amount of talent we had back there. Just because you run a 4.2 40 doesn't mean you can cover in the nfl! Lito Sheppard was a free agent for a reason

offensive line coach: Bob Wylie and Wiz did a great job. Sometimes our line could not get a rythm because the play-calling was all over the place! we will talk about that in a minute!

strength and conditioning coach: i could care less most athletes in the nfl have personal trainers. Jon Gruden did one thing to put our team in shape :gassers!

defensive lines coach: doesnt matter

Wr coach: san jai lal im not a fan of him because our receivers ran sloppy routes at times. lets see if Tim Brown is open for a opportunity.

tight ends coach: i dont care!

running backs coach: can we get a running back for a coach please! maybe Rod can talk Marshall Faulk into coaching please!

special teams coach: John Fassel did a great job. Hue took away his star special teamers due to health concerns and Hiram eugene never made it to the regular season. I would love to see Tyvon Branch back on the punt team he was phenominal!

Offensive cordinator: Hue JAckson/ Al saunders please Hue you need to focus on being a head coach your taking on too many jobs ! Al Saunders is a hall of fame cordinator and a genious let him call 100% of the plays!

GENERAL MANAGER: Getting a new gm means 2 things: rebuilding or revising! with that being said we can't rebuild because we almost no draft picks in 2012. maybe we can trade dmc for a first rounder and get Trent Richardson a more durable running back im just being optimistic right now!. We cant revise because we have NO MONEY. Al gave lucrative contracts to players who He thought were superstars (i.e Stanford Routt, Kam Wimberly). There is a beautiful rumor going around that Vincent Jackson wants to play for Oakland. WHOEVER the gm is next year please make that happen at least!


QB: Carson Palmer did a great job in the crash course of the playbook. Truthfully at the last part of the season we only ran 10 to 15 plays which is understandable because it is hard to catch chemistry with receivers in a short time. Just look at how long Arron Rodgers and his receivers has been together, now look at thier record..i rest my case!

Jason Cambell: bye bye! i loved you but was not in love with you im pretty sure you will make a great back-up on a good team. We do not need controversy or mixed feelings in the locker room. You must go fast!.

Terell Pryor: keep reading brother! I loving having a talented Qb who is smart , fast. has a strong arm, and is very humble and patient. Unless an injury occurs you will have 2 years to learn and gain knowledge from great cordinators. When the time comes you will be ready!

Kyle boller:BYE!

RB: Daren Mcfadden aka Darren Mcinjured! I loved you in college even though you had durability issues at Arkansas. Year after year if it aint your leg its your, ankle, then your foot, then your toe!. As a franchise we cannot put our trust in you no more. When healthy you are outstanding but with the opportunity of trading you while your young for a high draft pick i will take at this time.

Taiwan Jones: reminds me of Dexter Mcluster he needs to gain more weight if he ever wants to be a feature back. I love his upswing!

MIcheal bush: goodbye! your turing 29 , you weigh too much and your certainly not worth a high contract at this moment. . You can't have a fast offense with a slow rb!

WR: DHB i like your development of course you can get better at route running. I blame the the wr coach because all the wr's on our team run bad routes.

Denarious Moore: what a steal! I know Al Davis looked at your 40 time(4.3) but you impressed us with your play-making ability. You need to gain 10 more pounds and you will be able to take more nfl hits!

Louis Murphy: I can live without you. I know you had the groin injury but you continue to drop passes and run bad routes.

Chaz Shilens: too slow, injury prone, GOODBYE!

TJ HOUSH: shouldve stayed retired your done buddy!

Jacoby Ford: it doenst hurt having your speed on our team. Learn how to get open with your speed

overall we need an upgrade Dwayne Bowe is out there Vincent Jackson i really love him he would goo in silver and black!

FB: Marcel Reece is a physical specimen Pay him and keep him

TE: Richard Gordon needs to go. Kevin boss is good enough. David Ausberry should be starting next year he is a game changer and has too much speed to be sitting on the bench. I never understood why he did not get more playing time. Brandon Myers: good bye

Offensive line: We need to replace Cooper Carlisle. I heard Bobbie Williams is availble also Andre Gurode. Bruce Cambell will compete i don't know if he could stay healthy.

DEFENSE! HA! this should be interesting!

Defensive line: Richard Seymour needs to get into better shape! taking the Brett Farve approach will have you like Brett Farve which is not durable later on in the season and full of injuries.

Tommy kelly: had a great season!. it is hard getting sacks as dt and when your the only lineman who shows up to play. Al was right with keeping you on the team.

Dez Bryant: Take that degree at Harvard and get you a job because you do not belong in the Nfl. I forgot you were on the team at times!

Lamarr Houston: had a good rookie campaign and a sophmore slump. I think he needs to move to dt i dont like him at DE he is not fast enough and doesnt have elite pass rushing moves.

Jarvis Moss: Has not lived up to his first round potential and we could live without him on our team.

Matt shaunessy: before his injury he was amazing! he's young and needs to be paid when its time!

John Henderson: time to retire big fella!

Defensive backs! Stanford Routt you need to stop holding so damn much! twist your hips and cover! You had a okay year but i still like you

Damarcus Van Dyke: Ii need to see more of you in order to say you were a bust.

Chimdi Chekwa: fast, big, I like his potential we could have used you later in the season

Chris Johnson: injury prone. sorry for your loss but your not helping the team if you stay injured all the time.

Lito Sheppard: Bye. we can live without you.

Bums: Jerome Boyd, Matt Giordano: once a running back or a receiver caught a ball his way he could not make a tackle. he continuously was late blitzes and satefy help. They both need to GO!

Tyvon branch: great tackler but cant cover worth a damn! that is not good in a man to man or zone scheme!. trade him for a pick!

Mike Huff: I love mike he did good at his natural postion i have no idea why they had him at cb those are two diffrent postitions. Utilize the man right!

Mike mitchell: two choices: gain weight and move to olb or utilize for special teams. This guy can't cover at all!. His football instincts are really bad. AL fucked us with this pick!

overall we have to decide what defense we are running next year in order to find out who are the best starters for our team.

LINEBACKERS: Rolando Mclain instead of fighting people you need to focus on becoming a leader on defense. Being young and a middle linebacker takes a lot of responsibility you need to grow up fast!

Arron Curry: ball hawk, fast, needs to use more of his brain but he should be okay in either 4-3 or 3-4 scheme

Kam wimberly: I don't know about this guy! sometimes if forget he was on the team. sometimes I forget Al gave him a ridiculous contract! in the off-season work on another move to pas rush

Bums: Quentin Groves. Travis Geothel: a waste of space and a 53 man roster we need depth!

Overall maybe we can find a way to get Vontae Burfict from Arizona State that guy is a stud! another one of my wishful thinking I don't plan on having great defense next year we don't have the players and we do not have a feared pass rusher. Most importantly WE DON'T HAVE MONEY! Thanks AL!

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