We Need To Just Chill and Watch. Geesh

So overview.

Hue Jackson Fired:

Fans (some): Terrible he should have stayed he was showing improvement our offense was there (ha) he was really hitting stride should have been given at least one more year. (lol)

My opinion: THANK GOD, first off our offense was just terrible, inconsistency, too easy, same play over and over again, couldn't adapt, and had no adjustments during the game. Hue was clueless our players made the plays that is y we were top on run offense and top 15 on pass. DMC made big runs because of the line and because he is a monster. not hue. Moore,DHB, Ford, made big runs and big catches because they are fast and feisty. How many times did you see a reverse how many times did you see bush run up the middle, how many screens did we run, or do we have TE how bout reece was he not hitting stride y did he turn into a ghost in the final 4. Umm I think there are other routes to run other than a basic streak or comeback. slant or dig route anyone thank you for knapp. His interviews are the worst he tried the AL Davis (R.I.P) way he loved playing media games and that was just stupid be straight forward and tell us the truth boller is the starter and that's that now you can get ur pedicure and drink ur stupid Irish coffee or tell us McFadden is out until the playoffs, Reece is out for at least 3 weeks etc... not he could be back next week maybe he will play who knows ill wait for the trainer to tell me??? are u the coach ???? after SD game you said mcfadden would have played if we won umm I thought you dint know SMH. NEW ERA Thank god lets go dennis allen.

Raiders hire HC Dennis Allen.

Fans (Some): Bad Idea he is inexperienced, Scared to lose his job due to the type of asst he is signing. In Denver really didn't have a top 10 defense. But he is the first defensive minded coach since john madden so maybe he will do good. (haha)

My Opinion: Great hire he is very energetic, disciplined, young, ready, and nothing like john madden. Everyone forgets that the defense was not run by just Dennis Allen, John fox ran that defense so he was really like AL Saunders just helping. Dennis Allen, is a 3-4 type guy high blitzing, zone scheme with a lot of man to man underneath like NO was this year. Not the best but hell 100 times better than the shit we have been running since gruden left so praise the man above. Yes he is new AND how many times does a new coach work with a capable playoff team, Ravens, Jets, 49ers, Dallas,Atlanta,Steelers. Yes there are those that don't work but there is always bad when there is good. People that say Dennis Allen could be the next madden stop dont even mention it two completely different eras and people so please stop sounding dumb.

Here come the asst.

Fans: Everyone should stay other than chuck, Al is well known good OC and we will be dominate and go to the playoffs. yay.

My opinion: Everyone gone now that wont happen but the guys I wanted gone are so Im happy Special Teams yea have you heard of covering on punts and kick thank you. Wrs coach umm who is he and why does he only have HS as his resume. D-Line coach umm so if we don't blitz we will not teach our players other moves except for straight bull rush and thats why we had zero pressure in multiple games. This excludes Wimbley who has a rip move that he only uses and worked only against the chargers because of injury on there line other than that he got pushed around like a freshman against a senior on senior Friday. Knapp great add west coast offense fits perfectly we need quick routes and zone runs we have the players to make short gains into big gains uh duh. Packers run west coast how many times do u see them go long for 30 yards or more uh duh.

Run a 3-4 or 4-3?

Fans: optimistic 4-3 is beast we don't have the personnel to run a 3-4 just get better saftey and CBs and we are good (uh nooo). yes 3-4 is good we need something new we can just pick up some guys in Free agency and we will be beast ( uh duh :) )

My opinion: 4-3 is shit we don't have the players to run it Seymour is old kelly is tired every 2 plays, Mclain is slow as hell and is not a sideline to sideline MLB, our free safety cant play single high he is scared to tackle and our CBs cant cover one on one with out penalizing. 3-4 is perfect we are fast, hungry and you dont have to be precise to stop the run or pass. We need one LB which would be ILB ther are plenty of those in the market and you can blitz like crazy and play man to man with help. How many teams have gone to the super bowl running the 3-4 to 4-3 well look it up the only team to do it in the past 10 years is NY giants and the colts which they had manning, freeney, mathis. and NY has Osi, Tuck, Paul, Canty, gosh u better bring pressure with those guys.

Now remember these are my thoughts and opinions so no need to get mad I'm a fan like you with different ideas. Leave comments on what you think.

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