Anybody at the Rudder?

"And now the storm-blast came, and he
Was tyrannous and strong:
He struck with his o'ertaking wings,
And chased us south along."

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge



Browns fans suffered through a 4-12 season this year. The team president had something about to say about that.

After more than hour of tackling the Browns’ miserable season and stating he’ll stay with a plan to fix a franchise stuck in a perpetual losing pattern, team president Mike Holmgren delivered a message to Cleveland’s tortured fans.

Holmgren understands their pain, and he again asked for their patience.

One day, he promised, the Browns will prevail.

"We are driven," Holmgren said. "We put pressure on ourselves to do the right things and get this thing going in the right direction. The next couple years are very important in determining how this is going to go. I’m a little upset with our record, but I’m not discouraged."

Meanwhile over in the Raider camp...



Gryllus assimilis

That's the sound you hear coming from the vicinity of Alameda. Crickets. Nothing. Oh sure, Hue had plenty to say, but at a time like this, would we not prefer to hear from somebody higher up?

The enigmatic Mark Davis who prefers a life in obscurity has yet to make a real statement, impression or appearance. Naturally everybody is entitled to their privacy, but when you're the leader, a certain amount of rallying the troops is to be expected of you. And after such a tumultuous season as the Raiders have just had which ended on a note of ultimate failure, one would expect such a person to say something, much like Mike Holmgren did above.

It COULD be construed that Mark is simply biding his time, waiting to say something until he has something definitive to say. In the mind of a true optimist, one could imagine Mark being that figure shrouded in darkness, whispering commands to his minions who then carry them out, setting this ship aright and masterminding a future for this team through the difficult times...Sound about right to you?

Well, if doesn't, then maybe you're wondering just what is the man doing up there in his office in Alameda. Plenty of complaints about Hue going around these days, but where is the man who is going to "reign in" our HC? Ah, that would be the GM as soon as he hired, no doubt. And who will be reigning HIM in? Is that crickets I hear again?

After the Green Bay game, one our esteemed colleagues suggested:

Mark Davis and Amy Trask Must Now Intervene

49% of you said they should, while 50% of you said they would "let the horror run its course". Well, the offseason is here, and still not a whisper from Mark. At this point, the less optimistic in the crowd might get the sense that Mark is erring on the side of caution, and remaining aloof until he can offer some clear vision on where the team is headed. An even less optimistic person might think that Mark is simply content to let his underlings do everything while he ostensibly works on getting the Raiders a new stadium with Amy Trask. An even less optimistic person than that might even come to the conclusion that Mark is a reluctant owner who, while a big fan of the team, had found a legend passed him that he was never ready to accept, and with which he has no idea what to do.

So regardless of what you think of Hue and his decisions, what do you make of this man at the top of the pyramid?

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