Possibility Of A 3-4 Defense Next Year?

Yahoo Reports :;_ylt=Ar6TaWdUXcmtuqY1t8X_zsD.uLYF?slug=teamreports-2012-nfl-oak

Hue Jackson has stated a their might be a possibility that we may switch to a 3-4 defense. Alright now, recent posts I have posted about having Rex Ryan as our DC, I still believe he can be if he leaves the Jets. With Reggie as our new GM, I don't see any problems going on with Rex. Now back to the point, 3-4 defense? Is it possible for us to be successful with this type of defense? Of course, It all depends on the coach we have to call the plays and disguises. You know who I wouldn't mind for the job. Rolondo Mcclain is a 3-4 LB and was a beast at Bama with it. Wimbley is a natural pass rusher from the outside which will make him be able to line up wider and use his speed to get the edge.

Team Needs:

Nose tackle:Big John Henderson, and Desmond Bryant/Lamarr Houston can fill the spot, but we need even a bigger man, maybe we can get that NT out of Washington if he doesn't get picked. Highly doubted though, he is the strongest of the class. Sione Pouha, Big " Red " Bryant

Safety:If we can't get Branch back sign Laron Laundry. Huff @ CB? Idk, he is better at playing CB as our #3 CB. We need to get Marcus Trufant or Finnegan to help Routt out.

Inside linebacker: Rolando McClain is one MLB, but can Goethel be the 2nd one? Well see, and also we would need to sign more LB's for depth, and release guys like Grooves, Boyd, Lito, and Jarvis Moss. Brady Poppinga or Gary Guyton or Mychal Kendricks(5th Round Draft Pick) could be our depth.

Robert Mathis would also be another pickup that can help our pass rush. That means putting Wimbley at outside linebacker and Mathis at DE. If we sign Finnegan or Trufant then Mathis is out of the question.

My hopes as a 3-4 Defense #1 is starter #2,3,4,5 is Backup.

#1Tyvon Branch(If not resigned) or Laron Landry & #2Huff - SS

#1Matt Giordano & #2Chimdi Chekwa - FS

#1Trufant/Finnegan (Either would help a lot) #2 Routt, #3 Huff #4Chris Johnson #5DvD (Unless we decide to put Routt at #1 again with CJ at #2 and so on.) I wouldn't like it, but Trufant/Finnegan would improve our defense indefinitely .

#1 Rolondo Mcclain #1Travis Goethel (MLB's) #2 Gary Guyton

#1 Wimbley #1 Curry(WLB) #2 Brady Poppinga #3Mychal Kendricks #4 Quentin Grooves (if we don't find a replacement)

#1 Richard Seymour (RE) #1 Tommy Kelly (LE) John Henderson (DT) (Probably for 1st and 2nd downs)

#2Houston (LE/DT) #2 Matt Shaugnessy (RE) #2 Desmond Bryant (LE/DT) #3Scott(LE/LB) *Scott maybe cut, if he isn't cut then he is behind Houston and in rotation w/at OLB. * All depends on salary cap if we signed Finnegan/Trufant if we can get Big "Red" Bryant or a decent NT for a price able amount.

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