31 teams in the NFL, then theres the Oakland Raiders...

Ok in light of the past few days there's been a lot of changes and denial of changes. The addition of Reggie Mckenzie has really sparked the subject of the firing Hue Jackson, Bresnahan and a few others, Im writing this mostly surrounding this subject of bandwagon"ing" through the SB Pride community, and what could best for Oakland, and the side I've taken since day 1.

First Id like to acknowledge the fact that everyone has their own opinion and your entitled to it but hers my opinion on others opinions...

1) I ask the question, "Why would Winston Moss be an answer at DC?, or better yet HC?"

First off I don't think having the DC of GB's defense is a step up in anyway heres why; Green Bay's defense was 32nd in the league in passing with 299 ypg and 14th in rushing with 111 ypg if thats the man you guys want leading the way for our defense good for you.

and secondly why another rookie HC, its obviously you all hate Hue Jackson, who's barely had a chance to really prove himself, so what he bit off more than he could chew this last year but get off his ass, no one here could do any better. Hue has more guts than glory, all he wants is the best this organization and you all jump the gun to call him an idiot, I salute a man looking for the best for our Silver and Black!

2) What really is best for the Oakland Raiders?

To be honest I have no Idea I don't think anyone knows or has Known for the last 10 years. Were basically having a fresh year we had sooooo much drama last year with Al, defense, injuries, McClain, Palmer -Campbell. Maybe keeping an emotional leader like Hue is good for the unit, Im sure the team cant be that divided after one season really, he's a fiery guy, I love that he's intense, but he's gonna learn everyday.I think some stability for this organization is whats best, I mean its obvious we've had a new QB every year since Gannon, a new HC every other year since Gruden, Holy crap how do you expect to win with a brand new staff every year, give Hue a shot and let him Coach! He's 11th in the league in Passing and 7th in rushing seriously in 10 years since he's hit our offense you seen better? Already trying to exile an offensive miracle, I rest my case.

3) Jack Del Rio BEST D.coordinator on our list;

First off he knows defense! He was a bay area MLB stud growing up had a good run back in the day but look at his defense year in and out in Jacksonville! I don't give all my credit to their DC because Del Rio is a defensive minded coach not a HC and thats were he went wrong, you give him our defense and I know we can be in the top ten for his entire tenure for instance even though he didnt finish the year with JAX they still finished with 8th and 9th in passing and rushing yards, I see some high hope in putting a solid contender together under his brilliance on the defensive side of the ball.Although he's a 4-3 type guy at Jacksonville just think of the excellence he could bring in at 3-4.

And secondly having a former linebacker running plays on defense means we can get the best out of every one of our linebackers i.e McClain and Wimbley those two are by far the biggest freaks of nature Ive ever seen but they lack a lot of intensity, Im sure Del Rio brings a type of intensity to playing the position and will bring in a good linebackers coach to prepare our linebackers each and every week.

My side is not whats new or whats hot but whats its been since day one whats best for Oakland! I believe whats best for Oakland is not making it GB or SF or any other team cause growing up in my home it was," Theres 31 teams in the NFL then theres the Oakland Raiders", I dont care about hyped up new HC or the future 1st rounders, We have a solid team as we stand and you all know that! Weve been rebuilding since 2002 back when we were he oldest team in football, but in Al we trust and he gave us the tools he handed us Hue which set up Palmer,sounds familiar huh there Plunkett!, or you can call it , a rookie HC makin a rookie mistake let him learn, lets all get in the same corner were all on the same team the greatest team in football, thats why they call us the craziest and stupidest fans in sports we have heart people so lets stick to one bandwagon and thats the wagon in the corner spray painted black with a big pirate flag on it being sailed by the ghost of Al Davis.

I love everyone apart of this site this was a little venting and I apologize dot ever let the best for Silver and Black die, we all are the best for this dynasty! Go Oakland! and p.s can we stop with even the imagination that Rex Ryan will coach our Defense it was funny at first but it gold old fast :) last I checked not too many people try to quit their HC job to coach defense for the Oakland raiders its usually the other way around ha! Commitment to Excellence!

No offense if any was taken! much love my fellow Raider Familia!

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