The Silver, The Black, and The Green?

Well my fellow nation it's this time of year again where we have pretty much nothing to do. Without a first round draft pick mocking is pointless and with our team being the most secretive team in sports we never know what's truly going on.

There's been rumors that our new GM McKenzie has some close ties with Packers Assistant head coach Winston Moss. Moss interviewed for our head coaching job back when Cable became the legit head coach. Now I don't know if this is true or not. I have no source besides a tweet that Adam Scheftter tweet stating " If Oakland does switch coaches Winston Moss would be the guy" or something like that. Anyway, I'm not sure how I feel about it so i want to hear what you guys think about it.

I'm really mutual about Hue right now. Lots of pros and cons. The main pro is his relationship with our new QB Carson Palmer. Carson and Hue go way back. SO if Hue is fired where does that leave Carson? Cut him? Trade him for maybe half of what we gave up for him? To me Carson needs to win us a Superbowl before we hand the job to someone else. Pryor maybe?

Winston Moss is a defensive coach and would probably switch us to a 3-4 pretty quick. Our best player on the team is McFadden and with us being a run first team it would make sense to hire a defensive coach and stack our defense so we don't get into shootouts with those pass heavy teams.

So let's say we hire Winston Moss and trade Palmer. Who's our QB? Well I think there's a guy about to enter free agency who's pretty good. Flynn Packers back-up has shown he's pretty good. Winning a championship in college as well as playing a great game against the Pats last year and winning a shootout this year against the Lions. He can be pretty good. He's great at getting the first downs and with us being a running team that's just what we need. He's like a mix of Palmer and Campbell. He can move the chains like Palmer and doesn't give the ball away like Campbell. A healthy McFadden will be 75% of the offense anyway.

Now if we get a good Dcord maybe we won't need Winston to get the D better. Maybe Palmer and Hue deserve another shot I never said they didn't. I just don't want another 8-8 season.

Maybe getting Winston and Flynn would be too much Green for our liking but with our beloved owner gone no one can be sure if the Raiders can continue to be like Raiders on and off the field.

Stay Black my friends.

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