The now age-old question: Do we trade DMC?

For me, it was rather frustrating to write the title. DMC has been a great back for us outside of this year, and ever since we switched to the ZBS scheme, it's taking both him AND the OL a while to get used to it.

Now you could argue he had one great year, but it's hard to deny that after that year, DMC was a top 3 RB in the NFL. Even before his injury last year he was putting up great numbers, so I find it hard to believe that he was just a one year wonder.

Fact is, we changed blocking schemes, and it takes a LONG time to get used to a certain blocking scheme. So there are really two groups of thought here:

1) Just wait longer. The ZBS scheme will pay off with both DMC and the OL, and it will be awesome like the Texans.

2) Trade DMC.

There are arguments for each one, and as for me, I am not leaning to one side or the other here. I am about split in the middle, trying to figure out what the hell is REALLY the best thing to do here. To wait, or not to wait, that is the question, and only the caching staff really has a better idea than us.

But in our limited ideas, we still form our opinions, and I would like to present the two arguments right here.

1) Should we just wait longer? Let's face it, it's hard to deny that DMC is one of the more complete backs in the NFL, and with some solid blocking he is certainly a top 3 back. he has power, quickness, a mean stiff arm, speed, and he is great catching out of the backfield. Though right now, it's obvious that he and the OL are not doing very well, bt hey, scheme changes like this tend to take a LONG time to adjust. From what I gathered, once an OL acclimated to the ZBS scheme, you can make even the average RB look really good. I want to say Goodson came from a ZBS scheme, and we know he is not an all-pro RB, but he seems to be doing really well with our scheme. In this argument, we must be patient with McFadden and our OL. Goodson knows what to expect here, but DMC and the OL just have trouble communicating and picking up their blocks.We should wait, and in time, this scheme will certainly pay off. And when it does, you'll have a young, top 3 RB who is just great at virtually everything running behind it. Just need to have the OL get more used to it (yes, it normally takes a LONG time to get used to a completely new scheme). One ZBS OL in Breisel won't cut it. We need them all working as a UNIT, and that takes a long time under this scheme. DMC is undeniably one of our best playmakers, and we should not trade him in under half a season. Hell, my only Raider Jersey is McFaddens. :P

2) DMC is young, and not doing well in this scheme. There is even a risk that he'll get injured, and once that happens, his trade value will PLUMMET if it's not going down right now. Right now, Mike Goodson seems comfortable running behind our OL, though right now only as a complimentary back. McFadden so far just can't seem to get it together, and our offensive identity is turning into a passing attack because of his unfortunate play. The OL has some part in it of course, but Goodson seems to do just fine (maybe Goodson being from a possible ZBS scheme helps). So then who woud we trade McFadden for? The Rams are said to be shopping Steven Jackson. Jackson is a HUGE RB who fits our Raider style. He is TOUGH to bring down, can catch out of the backfield, and is a really good blocker. Though I believe 30 years old (?), he will help us a lot better in short yardage situations, and although I think he comes from a power-blocking scheme, I think he would have a better chance of getting more yards with our OL as it is now. Heck, the Rams don't have that great of an OL either.

I wrote this post HOURS ago, and I forgot what else to say. blah blah blah, I am not on any specific side yet, and as much as you can call each other idiots, there does seem to be arguments for both sides. What say you all?

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