Some After Thoughts of Today's Awesome Win

We just got our most important win thus far in the season, and we are as of now tied with first place in our division. Let me say that again..... We are tied in first place in our division.

Damn it feels good to say that. And what a great few weeks we have been seeing. Our defense is creating turnovers, we are blitzing AND getting pressure. Our offense is slowly getting into a groove this season, and despite some setbacks, you can really see the improvement on our team not just really talent wise, but moreso just PLAYING like a football team with a fierce competitiveness that I haven't seen in a while. I love it, and it makes me VERY proud to be a Raider fan.

Now I haven't read today's comments after I left in favor of a smoother feed. But before I address my displeasure about some things, I want to talk about some of the positives here. The defense was a big positive overall. Burris and Wheeler have both been a force against the pass and run, and even McClain had a good game, getting in on tackles and not taking himself out of too many plays.

Our front 4 has been solid. Pretty much man handled the Chief's OL, and the front 7 not only got pass rush, but essentially stuffed Jamaal Charles for a great majority of the game.

One other positive I like to address is McFadden and his play. He looked more patient, and attacked the right holes. I have a feeling that him and our OL will get better down the stretch of the season. Myers was nice too, both in blocking and receiving. One of the big surprises of the season imo.

Though the negatives fall mostly on the OL and the WRs. Too many drops today by them, and the OL was overall WEAK. Hardly helped McFadden on at least half of his carries, and Palmer had to throw under tight pressure for most of the game. Though despite two drops, Denarius Moore should get some props for making big plays.

Now, I'm going to address how we have been generally acting during game threads. I'm not saying everyone does this, but it's an observation that I gathered over the course of the season:

1) Whenever a run play results in a loss, no gain, or 3 or less yards, it's Knapp's fault.

2) Whenever a run play gets more than 4 yards, It was either Palmer adjusting to it, or great execution by the team.

3) When there is a bad pass play, it's Knapp's fault.

4) When a pass play yields positive results, It's because of Palmer.

5) When a run play is met with little, or negative yardage, it's "the damn ZB Scheme."

6) When a run play is met with a good amount of yardage, it was "the power scheme."

7) WHENEVER there is a negative play, someone in the comments section says we should have done this, and "that I even know this." (Hindsight is so awesome to have.) And results to blame Knapp as well.

I'm sure there is more to say, but it seems to be a big issue here. I call out Knapp for making a bad call, bu the ratio between calling Knapp out for a bad play, GREATLY outweighs giving Knapp props for a good play call. It seems that a lot of people use him as a scapegoat, and sometimes he even deserves it. I'm not going to sit here and make excuses for him, he has made questionable calls for us, but it feels like it's his fault every...time.... there is a play that yields negative results.

And about the blocking schemes. I personally DO NOT know the difference between the PBS and the ZBS when WATCHING the game. So far NO ONE has been able to discern it for me. How am I to take anyone's word on it that it was a PBS on that play? Or a ZBS on that play? DO we just automatically assume its a ZBS when McFadden doesn't get much? Are you sure it's not just blocking overall?

This is the thing, I do not claim I know what's going on. I claim that I REALLY do not know what the circumstances are regarding each play, playcall, and a player's execution. Sometimes a playcall being bad is plainly obvious, but I find that this is not always the case. We DO NOT know what is going on, but many pretend that we do. Even an execution thing is plainly obvious, but at the same time, we really do not know.

I am just looking for people to just question each play, instead of jumping to conclusions. Instead of jumping to the conclusion that that play was because of Knapp, Palmer, or execution, I want you to just step back a bit, and dissect what just happened. Are you SURE it was really Knapp, and not the execution? Are you SURE it was the execution, and not Knapp's playcall? Are you SURE, that the positive plays were all on Palmer? Are you SURE that Knapp has called an overall good game?

And then the next question, How do you KNOW? I just want people to start asking these questions for themselves, and objectively look at a situation. I'm getting tired of seeing people jump to conclusions, and than the ensuing result is a few people arguing over one another about initial ideas that they haven't fully explored.

But this is just a complaint for me. Perhaps I can just deal with it, and I will if it comes down to it. I just wanted to express what was bothering me. Overall, a solid win by the Raiders, especially the defense. I am really proud, and honored, to watch this team each week, even upon a computer with some shaky footage.

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