Potential moves and a touch of the absurd

I am a touch depressed. I know, I know. I should be dancing in the street (Van Halen's version) or doing a jig, something to express my joy at the Raiders victory over the KC masterpiece barbecuing of the chefs. But I am taking a hard look at the roster, prepping for any possible trades, eyeing next year's cap, and not liking some of the potential moves that are going to be made. Some of them, I won't lose any sleep over. Some I'm not a fan of for sentimental reasons. And then there's the pure cap-space-clearer-uppers that will make me a sad panda. No, not that Panda. A different one. So here, in no particular order, are my list of guys who may or may not be gone by next year.


Hold on a second, I'm sure you're busy looking for your shocked face. It's somewhere. Check your sock drawer. But RoRoRoyerboat has been a complete disappointment. He's turned into a decent, for lack of a better term, 6th man. He's not the Ray Lewis type defensive QB the Raiders thought they were getting. He's a part time player making full time wages, and the cap makes keeping someone like him a near impossibility. Barring a massive restructuring of his deal, expect a trade for a 4th rounder or a cut from Reggie's axe of personnel destruction.


Yeah, I'm a huge DHB fan. I hate putting him on this list. But facts are facts. He's a number, and despite making massive strides last year, I don't see him staying beyond this year. He's not a redzone threat, and Denarius Moore is turning into the guy we thought he was going to be. Hell, Rod Streater starts catching more than he drops, and DHB will have a lesser role. As opposed to his lesser role now, which is Carson Palmer occasionally remembering he's here. If he's moved before the deadline, I could see a desperate Jets team giving us a possible 2nd, but more likely a 3rd rounder in the offseason.


The theme so far is Al Davis 1st rounders must go, and it continues with the man who struggles in the ZBS. This might boil down to a simple either/or: Either Dennis Allen is committed to the ZBS, or he is committed to DMC. A trade for Legarrette Blount would make this an easier decision, giving the Raiders a needed power runner for short yardage and creating a RB platoon with Blount and Goodson. The second half of KC might give DA pause, but remember one thing: No player is untradeable. And with Carson assuming duties as face of the franchise, DMC is on the block. 1st is possible, but a 2nd or 3rd is more likely.


This would not make me happy at all. I'd be outright pissed. Mostly because he won't get traded due to age and money. This would be a straight cut for the money. This will also depend on several factors. Is Desmond Bryant ready to go full time? Will doing this allow Philip Wheeler to sign long term? Who do we get in the draft? Are any of the project DTs ready to go? Who will assume the leadership role on the D-line? Questions that need to be answered and a carefully weighted decision needs to be made.


This one depends mostly on what happens with Seymour. If Sey goes, expect TK to stay. But if Sey happens to stay, don't be suprised to see the Rick Ross doppelganger shipped off for a cheaper alternative or 3rd-5th rounder.


The Raiders switch backups and 3rd stringers every year. The current management owes TP no allegiance. They didn't draft him, but they didn't cut him either. One of these guys will win the #2 role in training camp, while the other most likely will be cut. In honor of PantyRaider, I'm pulling for TP, mostly because I fucking HATE Leinart, who does quite nicely collecting checks but has no heart whatsoever. Don't be the least bit shocked if Reggie takes a QB in the draft though.

Call me a right foul git if you wish but I know one thing for sure: Reggie ain't done. And the Nation is ever grateful for it.
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