Dear Reggie McKensie: "Your Guys" suck

Well I officially don't care what our final record ends up being, and its apparent that this team is ALOT more than a couple of years away from being competitive, especially with golden boy manning Firmly in the AFC West now. My following statements are true wether we all want to admit it or not.

1) Darren McFadden: Fail, unfortunately even with the explosive talent that the young man has shown at times, he is simply not built to play football in the NFL. To depend on a guy that much and for him to play in 50% or less of games per year. I'm sorry but we have to look to the future

2) Carson Palmer: Fail, sure the guy is great for stat building on your favorite fantasy team, but the fact is, especially considering what we mortgaged to get him, most of his stats are just that, GARBAGE stats. As much as I hate trolls on here, BusterBronco had it right when he posted about how Carson Palmer leads the league in stats that do not lead his teams to win. He has lost two games for us this year, ATL pick 6 and our comeback INT last week. Im not making excuses for a guy that consistently chokes at the most inopportune times. I know he's responsible for the games we've won, but in order for him to be successful he cannot be the focal point of the offense, he cant handle the pressure

3) Seymour, Kelly: FAIL FAIL, sorry guys but your age is showing and your performance doesn't justify your paychecks. I know kelly is known for colorful interviews, but he has been the grand pessimist the past couple of weeks when he should be being a leader. Seymour is a stand up guy and has had a long successful career, but its over, these veteran day off b/s is pathetic, your not special.

4) Shane lechler: officially an average punter. I know youve been around forever, and I know what you've done in the past, but its been nine games and you havent slammed one yet, where's those consistent 55+ 60+ we got out of you before. Im sorry but consistently punting the ball 55+ is the only thing that would justify your paycheck, and as with seymour and kelly, your performance doesnt justify your play. Sign Marquette.

5) Special Teams: FAIL FAIL FAIL, are you serious who are these no name guys we have returning punts and kick-offs? you know this is what happens when you let a kicking specialist take over the special teams coaching position. We have combined weak coaching with even weaker personnel.

6) Tarver and defense scheme, personel, etc. etc. Sorry tarver but being young motivated and vocal doesnt mean you know shit about coaching an NFL level defense. You can talk about rules all you want but if the players cant learn em, then the rules arent the only problem. Tarver as DC was a head scratcher for me initially, but I accepted it as anything would be better than chuck, and well its about the same feeling this year.

7)Knapp fail fail not even going to elaborate on this one that much as everything has already been said but this guy was fired from seattle as OC, and that in itself is saying something. seriously DA? your going to promote his ass from a position coach to OC? this guy is a big time chump

8) Dennis Allen...........I dont know if FAIL is the stamp, but considering all his coach choices are failures then I might have to say FAIL here too. I dont get this guy. He doesnt seem to care about the fact that he has been blown out multiple times this year. I don't feel alot of passion coming from him. He just kind of seems to be answering tough questions with the same bullshit answers like, we didnt execute. didnt execute what exactly? Your plan? maybe its your plan thats the problem dumbo.

This team will become the cleveland browns. we need a franchise rb, a franchise qb, a entire defense, offensive line, kick/punt returner, the laundry list goes on and on, and just like the browns, it doesnt matter how many seasons you tank, there is simply not enough money or #1 draft picks or FA acquisitions to rebuild an entire team, and thats exactly what we need, literately ground up entire new team. trade our talent, they deserve better, denarius moore, marcel reece, DHB, these guys deserve more as athletes than what this organization has to offer. reggie mckensie your a chump, and you dont know what your doing at all, which by extension means mark davis doesnt know either. sell the team, move to LA. do whatever you have to do, but rich gannon had it right when he said the only way the raiders return to greatness is by blowing up the building and starting from scratch. peace out see ya'll next season. Saints will humiliate us at home next week, but it won't matter cause it and any remaining home games will be blacked out. what a pathetic ass team.

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