Week 11 NFL game picks

Thearon Henderson

Week 11 is upon us (I know, it all happens so fast) and Silver & Black Pride is making their game picks.

First, you may notice though there were 14 games played on Sunday, the tallies only show 13. That's because I didn't could the 49ers/Rams game. It ended in a tie and instead of either giving everyone a win or everyone a loss, I went with the "walk" idea. Like in baseball when a player earns a walk. They don't count that as an at bat so it doesn't affect their batting average.

Last week we all were over the .500 mark with Rhynno maintaining the lead with the best record for the week. He came in at 10-3 thanks to being the only one to correctly predict the Bengals would take care of the Giants.

Coming in just behind him at 9-4 were myself and RaiderWay. That mark had me moving ahead of S.O.B. to take the number two spot. Also making a move was Adam who for the first time in seven weeks, jumped out of the last place position. Now RDreamer sits in the final spot. However, RDreamer aka Raiderdamus gets a tip of my hat for his prediction on the outcome of last week's Raider game.

All but RaiderWay correctly predicted the Ravens would take care of the Raiders but it was RDreamer's alter ego Raiderdamus who said the game would be a "country ass whippin" at the hands of the Ravens. He predicted the Ravens would win by 34 points (46-12) and they won by 35 points (55-20). That is incredibly impressive prediction so kudos to him for that one.

The only game we all were wrong about was saying Miami would beat the Titans. The consensus was correct on the Colts, Patriots, Seahawks, and Steelers. That's the second week in a row the consensus got only one wrong. Last week it was 6 of 7 correct and this week it's 4 of 5. That's money you can take right to the bank.

This week's consensus picks are the Falcons, Packers, Bengals, Redskins, Buccaneers, Texans, Rams, Broncos, and Patriots. A whopping NINE consensus picks which is the most all season. Rhynno is the lone prognosticator who has the Raiders, Steelers, and Bears winning while only Adam has the Browns beating the Cowboys.

Good luck everyone and may the overtime games actually yield winners.

Rhynno Levi S.O.B. RaiderWay Adam Rdreamer
Week 10 total 10-3 9-4 8-5 9-4 8-5 7-6
Overall total 91-54 88-57 88-57 86-59 82-63 82-63
Miami at Buffalo BUF MIA BUF BUF MIA MIA
New Orleans at Oakland OAK NO NO NO NO NO
Arizona at Atlanta ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL ATL
Cleveland at Dallas DAL DAL DAL DAL CLE DAL
Green Bay at Detroit GB GB GB GB GB GB
Cincinnati at Kansas City CIN CIN CIN CIN CIN CIN
Philadelphia at Washington WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS
Tampa Bay at Carolina TB TB TB TB TB TB
Jacksonville at Houston HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU
San Diego at Denver DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN DEN
Indianapolis at New England NE NE NE NE NE NE
Baltimore at Pittsburgh PIT BAL BAL BAL BAL BAL
Chicago at San Francisco CHI SF SF SF SF SF
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