The Future

Well Silver and Black nation, again we have our asses handed to us on a black and gold platter with a side of "who dat" all afternoon.

This begs the question: what now? Well I'll tell you. Nothing. The majority of the personnel we have is just not working out. So, as we do, we start looking to the offseason and next season. This season is pretty much at a loss so we must now focus our energies and speculations else where. Now here is what I would like to see:

Coaching Staff:
Gregg Knapp fired, Jason Tarver fired

I'll give Dennis Allen another season, maybe two, before I start calling for his head. I'd rather see him demoted to his previous job, defensive coordinator instead of being let go.


Willie Smith, Coye Francies, Philip Adams, Ron Bartell, Richard Seymour (although he'll probably retire after this season anyhow), Tommy Kelly

Trading away:

Darrius Heyward-Bey - on the fence with this one. But I feel like it's time we part ways and we get a high draft pick for him, round 2 would be ideal but round 3 would be more likely. He's just not clicking after 4 seasons and it begs the question will he ever?

Darren McFadden - too injury prone. I want a back that I can rely on season after season not half seasons here and there. Very close to making my cut list, but the potential to get a good pick is out there.

Rolando McClain - Can't do anything. At all. Round 3 or 4 pick please.

Mike Brisiel - Unimpressive and uneffective. Usually the source of "just one block away from a big run". I would take a round 3-4

Matt Giordano - was promising last season. proving otherwise. Could be another round 3-4 trade

So then where does that leave us in the draft?

1 - DT. I want a BIG muthatrucker in the middle. I'm talkin 6'7" 350. Yeah. That kind of space eating machine that takes 2 people up everytime

2 - CB i think we are aware of our situation here. I wouldn't mind seeing Huff stay there and then having this guy across from him.

3 - RG Mike Brisiel has been very unimpressive. Time to stimulate some competition with this pick

4 - MLB rolando mcclain is worthless and a waste of money

5 - DE I don't care which side. We need a pass rusher who isn't 80 years old in NFL age

6 - CB can never be too careful as weve seen already

7 - DT another big guy

Basically, we need to draft a new defense. Now onto free agent potentials. I'm gonna do one per position so I don't go on forever

QB - nothing. Carson Palmer will be our QB for the forseeable future, probably another 2-3 seasons before he retires for real.

Shonn Greene, New York Jets RB - if we do indeed let mcfadden go (unlikely but i can hope) I think here is where we want to look. I like the way he runs in between the tackles, basically a good fit for the zone blocking run scheme we are apparently not going to let go of. So we need a guy who can find those lanes.

Mike Wallace Pittsburgh Steelers WR - this one. goodness. I would love to see wallace in silver and black. He's got speed and hands.

Heath Miller Pittsburgh Steelers TE - now before you start yammerin about Brandon Meyers, one simple fact remains. He can't block. Miller can. But I do love Meyers and his ability to catch and move down the field. Also, having a tandem TE akin to that of Gronkowski and Hernandez of New England is a tempting proposition.

Brandon Albert Kansas City OT - he's a beast a good solid all around tackle. Something our OL lacks.

Andy Levitre Buffalo Bills OG - solid in the run game

Terrance Knighton Jacksonville Jaguars DT - beast at stopping the run, one of the few bright spots in the jaguars lineup

Brain Urlacher Chicago Bears MLB - this is a dream at best but the intensity and leadership he could bring to the defense would be worth whatever we would have to pay him.

Dashon Goldston San Francisco 49ers Saftey - we need somebody whose gonna make turnovers happen and we dont need to look further than across the bay

Well I guess that's that. I hope you enjoyed my first of many posts for Silver and Black Pride.

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