RF21 Back In Black

Brothers, I'm sorry for my lack of participation lately. I don't really like the new SB format and it's difficult to find time to post, unless of course your name is Levi Damien. Just kidding big guy you're an inspiration to all of us. I've been keeping up with my Silver and Black family though as much as an east coast Raider fan can. Jacks wants to trade McFadden, we want the head of a coach, and Son's fantasy team is probably 0-8 what else is new? Anyway I'm back now and ready to start talking some Raider football!

Should we trade McFadden?

The answer is most definitely a "Ehh maybe". Here's my peace on it. Yes, if we get a top 20 pick for him and use both our 1st round picks on defense. Defense wins championships and I believe we are two first round picks from having an elite defense. McFadden won't help if Peyton Manning kills us every time. Plus we'll have to deal with Geno Smith twice year since the Chiefs suck so bad. We need to inject talented youth on our Dline quick before our already young players become old.(Bryant, Shaughnessy, Houston, Ect) I like Seymour and Kelly. They provide leadership on this team but both starting isn't working anymore. Bryant is surpassing them talent wise. Also they eat up the run lanes but they aren't getting to the QB enough and we can't let Cassle go from getting sacked to getting a first down.

Now before you all get pissed at me and tell me I believe in Goodson too much, listen I don't believe in him at all. The best two rushers this year were undrafted. Foster and Alfred Morris of the Redskins. Do I love McFadden? You better believe it. My eyes burn watching him run up to a holeless line of scrimmage and my fantasy team is holding on by a thread. We have two backs with potential. Throw in a cheap vet like Stephen Jackson and a 5th round small school back that slipped because he played shitty defenses and we will be able to run the ball. Not to mention McFadden puts a huge dent in the ole wallet. Also the passing offense will get better. We should come out every drive like we did the last offensive drive against the Falcons. Let Palmer throw 35 TDs and 20 INTs. We will have a defense to turn it over as well and Palmer seems to be clutch so it won't even matter.

This is only works if a team offers a top 20 pick for him and with his stats looking like the worst they've ever been isn't to likely and I will be happy to see McFadden back next year.

Who's the first half MVP?

That answer is easy. No one. We do not have an MVP because we have lost more games then we won. MVPs win consistently and no one has done good every week. We have been getting better and since our thirst of winning hasn't been quenched for over a decade we like to feel relevant and hand out awards but the only award we have is we aren't the worst.

How good are the Raiders?

We don't lose our long snapper week 1 and we have the same record as the broncos. We beat Pittsburgh, barely lose to the best team in the league and then beat a Jag team that GB struggled with even though they were all injured courtesy of the Oakland Raiders and then we kick the hell out of the chiefs. I think we can beat anyone if we can start playing our game. Matt Ryan was Hotter then Freeman and we cooled him down in the first quarter. If the offense moves the ball I have 100% faith in the defense will come up with some big plays and we will win. Palmer needs to sling it this game. They just traded Talib and there's no way Barber keeps up with Moore and DHB. We can win this one.

Huff: CB or FS?

CB. Gio isn't that good and I have no faith in him. He'll snag against Quinn all day but Manning will kill him. I dream we pick up newly released Sterling Moore and make him our full time FS but then again I'm a conservative. Any way Huff and Bartell is actually something to be excited about. 2 big tall fast physical corners has Reggie reaching for the Viagra. Plus with Lee and Hanson are making plays tell Spencer to vacation in KC with Routt. Right now starting corner is his spot. Down the road I see nickle corner and part time FS hybrid thing going on.

Who impressed me most?

Carson Palmer. We are going to win a Superbowl with him at some point. I'd like to see him complete more long balls but right now he's golden. Changing plays, audibles, hot routes, reading defenses, leader off and on the field, always calm and my favorite he's been very clutch most the time. I believe Stephen Gilmore is who CIncy selected and it actually wasn't a bad pick and there wasn't one player left on the board who could do what Palmer does. I love the trade.

Dennis Allen. Less penalties. More fire. He brings the heat and players respect him for it. I'm a Huge Dennis Allen fan. He's the next great Raider coach. Switching Huff to corner, Starting Burris, putting more power blocking in, and holding Curry out until he's 100% were all every day decisions he has made that were good ones. We went 0-2 and some of us started watching college to find our next 1st pick and he completely turned it around. I'm proud to call him the head coach.

As you guys can probably tell I'm a little rusty and need to catch up. Leave me some comments, I've missed you guys and would love to hear what you have to say.

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