Should he stay or should he go…

This is my first post since last year at around the same time. For those of you that have blocked out all history prior to the last 169 points allowed, I will remind you that the Raiders were riding high and seemingly had a stranglehold on the division. They were 7-4 after winning three straight with newly acquired QB Carson Palmer and Hue Jackson running an aggressive offensive attack....

The Post Al Davis era was off to a great start and the Raiders seemed destined for a deep post season run in honor of Al. The Raiders went on to lose 4 out of 5 and find themselves at 8-8 out of the playoffs again. Hue Jackson attempted to assert control outside of his Head Coaching duties (choosing the GM) and was shown the door. If only he had asserted some control over the defense in season. However the defensive architect and game planner Al Davis was lost just prior to the Texans game and unfortunately no replacement was made.

In the off season the Raiders hired GM Reggie Mckenzie who then revamped the coaching staff bringing in a young defensive minded HC Dennis Allen who was given control over his staff. He hired Offensive Coordinator Knapp and Defensive Coordinator Tarver.

The reaction around here and online by knowledgeable Raiders fans was mixed. Some felt that Hue Jackson deserved to continue as Coach given that he had resurrected to Raiders O to a top 10 offense and a top 5 in points scored. Also, that Al Davis was responsible for the defense (before his death) and the players attitude towards penalties.

Others believed that a young defensive minded HC would produce a scheme that would present opposing offenses with complex looks and exotic blitzed that would allow the Raiders to get off the field on third down. This looked promising versus the old predictable man to man with no blitzes schemes. It would seem to difficult to make the defense perform worse than it did during the previous year's stretch run.

Most agreed however that Greg Knapp was not the best choice at OC. Many felt his play calling was to predictable and the zone blocking system was not suited to our O-Line or McFadden.

The results have been in for some time now. Previously I have not reacted because I felt that the team was going through growing pains and rookie head coach losses (opening night). But the Raiders have gone from being a tough opponent that was suspect to giving up a big play or penalty at crucial points in a game to a team that is not competitive.

Mark Davis last week said "We are not a super bowl team, but the playoffs were an attainable goal...This team has regressed" (paraphrased)...

I noticed that Dennis Allen had assumed control on the Defense in the 2nd half yesterday. After giving up 289 yards and 24 points in a first half shellacking he really had no other choice. He fared better but the opponent was in cruise mode by the time he acted. I hope he takes a larger role in the defense this week as his future as a head coach is at stake. I am sure Mark got that point across last week.

If the Raiders don't play like Raider's I would not be surprised if Mark Davis acts like a Davis and after the season shows Dennis Allen the door.

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