Looking to the Draft: Part 2- Some guys we can look at for pick #1

Been very occupied. Not only by the greatness that is Thanksgiving (family, food. Love the atmosphere), but I also had to worry about my main laptop that I use so often. With a damaged hard drive, I have tried, for a couple days, to back up what I can, and then send it to Apple to get it repaired. At least it's still in warranty... and I hope everything is backed up... but yeah, now I am stuck with using my dad's computer (which is a good one, but not as good), and I am here to bring you part 2 of my three-part series to gauge who we should best draft. In this post, we will see who should get picked on our most important pick in the draft, and the next post, try to gauge who we should get for the rest of the draft.

The nation has spoken to what the most important position to draft for is: MLB (specifically). So we'll be looking at some MLBs that are currently projected around where we SHOULD pick. This is the site Ill be using:

In terms of ILB, Manti Te'O is the only guy here worth a top 10 pick. However..... he is now a top 5 pick, which means we would likely have to lose out to get him (I don't think we'll be in the top 5). While it's possible that Manti could very well be there when we draft (for I believe we are bottom 5 worthy), for the sake of argument, let's say he is gone. Yes yes, I love Manti as much as the next person, and he is probably why the majority of fans voted MLB in my little poll, but he is one guy (and the only MLB worth picking up this early), so we should then look at other options just in case Manti is not there.

The poll is followed by Secondary, and then DL. Last I checked not a few minutes ago. So then, let's see who we have at secondary.

Judging by the current board on CBS Draft, the highest ranked player for the secondary is Dee Milliner (4th) and then Johnathon Banks (19th). In all honesty, Milliner is the only option worth seeing here, unless you would want to trade down.

Then with DL, other than Star Lotulelei, we have plenty of prospects here to choose from: Werner, Moore, Hankins, etc. Well those three that I named are in the top 10, and Hankins being a big DT who has been relatively awesome at Ohio State, but I haven't read up on the other guys yet.

The next two results in the poll are both at 6%, so the Nation has chosen the majority of votes to be at MLB, Secondary, DL, and because I have class coming up in about an hour, I'll just look up a youtube vid, and summary/analysis for each player we should be looking at.

With that said, here are our top prospects to look at with our #1 pick:

1) Manti Te'O, ILB Notre Dame: Should be the #1 priority, but there is a good chance that he could get picked before us.

Youtube: Manti Te'o Season Highlights 2012


2) Dee Milliner, CB Alabama: Big body, very instinctive, very good.

Youtube: Dee Milliner vs Arkansas/Tennessee (2011)

Analysis: (not much that I can find. Some say he is a really good cover corner. Others give me his biography...)

3) Johnathon Hankins, DT Ohio State: Big. Can stuff the run. Rush the passer. Can play anywhere on the line (even NT).

Youtube: Johnathan Hankins vs Penn State (2012)


4) Bjoern Werner, DE Florida State: Very good pass rusher, very good run stuffer. Playmaker.

Youtube: Bjoern Werner vs NC State (2012)


5) Damontre Moore, DE Texas A&M: Very underrated. Statistically, he is excellent (article will elaborate more).

Youtube: Damontre Moore Texas A&M Highlights HD 2012


Those are, imo, our top 5 to pick up. Now... this is only from what the polls say. If anyone would rather get an OL feel free to say so in the comments, and who on that list you would like to have. Depending on who the Nation wants with our #1 pick, I will look at the rest of the draft to see who would be good pickups for the remainder of our draft.

And assuming Manti is gone, who would you like to pick up? If Manti is there, but you would rather get someone else, say who you would pick, and why please.

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