Fantasy football advice Week 13

Alex Trautwig

Its so close to fantasy football playoffs time you can taste it! Your either already in, fighting to get in, or long fell by the wayside.

Undeniable Truth of the Week

If you have already been knocked out of playoff contention do not stop caring about your team. This type of thing I have already brought up before but it is one of the most important rules of morality in fantasy football. Keep the competetive balance honest.

There are not many things in fantasy football that I find more annoying than going against somebody who already gave up on their team and is no longer trying. Whether you are still going to have a chance in your league or not make sure to keep showing pride.

You should still set your line up with the intent on winning. Do not leave players in that are injured just because you do not care about your team. Do not sit your good players so your friend who is fighting for the playoffs can get in. Just like in any other competetive thing you do, it is important to always show pride in what you are doing.

Lost cause or not do not let yourself lose your passion to win and do not let yourself make decisions that will cost you the respect of your fellow fantasy players. Especially if money is on the line being careless or intentionally dishonest should not come into play for your fantasy football line up. You might not care but others definitely do.

Best Match-Ups of the Week

New England against Miami: Tom Brady is projected to be the top point scorer this week by but lets face it you don't need a computer to tell you that one. The Dolphins are a pretty good team this year too so this promises to be a decent game. Neither team has a great defensive ranking. Anyone from Reggie Bush and Brian Hartline to Brandon Lloyd and Danny Woodhead any player you have on either team is worthy consideration to start.

NY Giants against Washington: This is one Monday Night game that I wont be missing. The Giants just decimated the Packers and now get one their historic rivalry games. RG3 is always entertaining. There are a ton of worthy starters in this game too. Santana Moss has really developed a good connection with RG3 as of late and Alfred Morris long ago became a must start. I even am going to call it right now and say that the Giants WR Ruben Randall might even be worthy of looking at if you are in desperate need of a player this week

Worst Match-Ups of the Week

Pittsburgh against Baltimore: This game really depends on if Ben Roethlisberger comes back this week or not on if it is a bad match-up or a terrible one. If Charlie Batch is the starter again then I wouldn't start a single Pittsburgh player. If Big Ben plays then Mike Walllace is a solid play but I wouldn't trust the running backs since you never know who will be the workhorse. As for Baltimore the Pitt defense is really going to be coming after them considering it was only two weeks ago that Baltimore squeeked out with a win. They always play the Ravens tough being such a heated rivalry as well.

Arizona against NY Jets: As most people already know this game is one that has two very underwhelming offenses. You probably already don't have anybody other than Larry Fitzgerald and Beenie Wells anyway. Those two players are the only real start worth considering with maybe Shonn Green being another option. Really these are not fantasy football powerhouse teams in any perspective.

I don't even really have a third match-up that I can consider for this column. This is a pretty big week for fantasy football because almost all the match-ups have strong scoring capabilities. This should be a very high scoring fantasy football week all around.

Other games going this week feature good ones such as Carolina at KC, Green Bay at Minnesota, Tampa Bay at Denver, and even the Cleveland at Oakland game is a pretty decent match for scoring.

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