The Official (Un-official) Oakland Raiders "Fire List" of 2012


"Do I have anything in my teeth?"

This team has had major issues on the field, off the field, in the team office, and it reflects on the performance of the whole organization. Since you can't blame any of this on Al Davis, may God rest his soul, someone needs to be feel the wrath of the fire (list).

Now on to the candidates for unemployment, in my opinion:

  • Dennis Allen

Although I saw from the start that this gangly nerd was not going to work out, it took others a couple games to understand. His hiring was supposed to be a "New Era of Excellence", but instead it was a huge step back that made fans, and some players, yearn for the days of Hugh Jackson, the last semi-successful coach this team knew. If he were to be fired, his replacement should be a knowledgeable veteran coach that garners respect from players and media alike. Coach Allen was simply hired because he would roll-over and bark upon orders from Reggie McKenzie.

  • Jason Tarver


As the successor to Chuck "Big Baby" Bresnahan, I thought anything else would have been better. I was wrong, DEAD WRONG. Tarver took just 2 games to show his lack of skill at reading plays and calling schemes. This defense has been embarrassed in every single game of the season, allowing an unacceptable amount points for a Pop-Warner team. If Dennis Allen is shown the door, expect Tarver to be holding his bags.


After being drafted 4th overall in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Raiders had thought they got a hell of a deal. He really shined last year after a couple of injury-plagued seasons. This season started out fine, his first playing with Carson Palmer, but then his body crapped out on him. Not only is McFadden out, but his back-up and his back-up's back-up is out, which makes Marcel Reece's job ever harder. Darren needs to put less energy into making babies and more into maintaining proper player conditioning. If were to be traded, expect almost nothing for him.

  • Greg Knapp


Carson Palmer has performed quite well, despite Knapp's poor play-calling. The O-line been terrible, allowing members of the opposing defense to have face-to-face conversations with Palmer. Knapp was an unwelcomed addition to Raiders, seeing as players liked Al Saunders, so much so that he was kept as "Senior Offensive Assistant" . Greg Knapp's time has most likely run out in Oakland.

  • Quitters


The biggest downfall of this team over the years has been quitters, with Randy "Straight Cash Homey" Moss and JaMarcus "Sippin' Syrup" Russell being the most blatant offenders. Although many quitters don't make themselves known, there have been some noticeable culprits. Jacoby Ford was a great player last year and the year before that, but at the beginning of this season, a different player hit the field. He seemed to give up on some plays that looked feasible of completing and even flinched when faced with the possibility of physical contact. He might have improved, but got hurt before we could find out. The defensive secondary has also given-up on plays, leaving receivers salivating and chance of facing them. Combining with a lack of skill and scheme, this group has been one of the worst in the league. Rolando McClain has never lacked skill, but his effort and discipline has left something to be desired. Being arrested a funeral and having graphic video of him involved in an assault were just the tip of the iceberg. His tweet, denouncing his allegiance to the Raiders was the last straw.

  • Honorable Mentions:

Mark Davis, Reggie McKenzie, Clayton Lopez, Johnnie Lynn, Steve Hofman, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Willie Smith, Mike Brisiel, Coye Francies, Joselio Hanson, Ron Bartell, Tommy Kelly.

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