NFLAnalyzer's Five Part Series - NFL Free Agency: Who should we get??

Free Agency this year looks to be very strong.

On this blog, the consensus of what we need to get for next year is:




…..That’s a lot of positions.

Well, here’s my quick analysis of what positions I think should be upgraded through Free Agency.

*NOTE* All FAs are projected from and

WRs will be the first in a 5 part series I write on.

WR – The consensus is that The Raiders need a #1 WR for Carson Palmer. Me, I would rather develop the very young talent we have – It is cheaper, and it keeps continuity in the locker room, something which is important to me. However, if we do choose to go after a Free Agent WR, I would not mind keeping all 6 of our WRs - Heyward-Bey, Moore, Streater, Criner, Ford, Hagan. They are all takented, and getting better with every game they play. The only two I see going are Jacoby Ford and Darrius Heyward-Bey – However, We are really missing Ford this season, and Heyward-Bey is a classy pro, also our best blocking WR on the team, who has made and forced plays for the team. Keeping 7, being that Moore and Ford show that they are no that durable is a very smart idea.

That being said here is who is available as a #1 WR this upcoming free agency:

1) Greg Jennings – Great Receiver for Aaron Rodgers, & Reggie McKenzie is very familiar with him (coming from Green Bay.) However, he will ask for a lot of money. Also, he just had surgery for an injury (groin), I don’t think he fits the mold for the #1 receiver Carson Palmer needs, because he needs receivers that can go get those “50-50” balls – Like Vincent Jackson.

2) Mike Wallace – Mike Wallace had the contract dispute with the Steelers – But he was justified for it. Even so he came back, and still is performing well. He’s 6’, 200lbs, and can JUMP – we’ve seen him make plenty of jump balls over receivers and come down with the ball – especially in the endzone. He will command a contract, but if we offer him more than the Steelers, he’s a receiver that we could benefit Greatly from getting.

3) Dwayne Bowe – 6’2, 221lbs, and can go up and get the ball – what Carson Palmer needs. Getting him fro Kansas City? Hard – usually don’t see rivals go to rivals (at least I have not), an he has a rep of being a diva. However, Scott Pioli might not pay Bowe, so we can try our luck, especially if Mike Wallace becomes available.

…Other than that, there aren’t really any #1s on the list.

So, Should we keep our receivers now, and go after one of these receivers? Or should we get rid of one of our receivers, and make room for a FA? Which receiver should we get rid of?

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