Team Needs

Nation, our team in in shambles! We are all aware of this. Bloated contracts and bad attitudes have destroyed us from the inside out. I take a more in depth look at the positional needs of our beloved silver and black.


RB - darren mcfadden is no longer the stud we thought him to be. consistent injuries and a lack of understanding of how the zone blocking scheme works makes him expendable, even valuable to a team that does run the pbs and can figure out how to transfuse his bones with solid steel. we've seen marcel reece do good things, i would take him as our starting RB, but then again having him at FB and a worth while RB in our backfield will make us dangerous.

LG - cooper carlisle is very close to the end of his professional career. at 35 years old (which translates to about 70 in football years), we must start looking for somebody to replace him. his service will be missed.

RG - mike brisiel is not the player we believed him to be when we acquired him from the texans. now we understand why he wasnt invited back to the team in the first place.

RT - this has been a nightmare all season long. kalif barnes goes down, then this trickster willie smith fills in. then we all scream for barnes to get his ass back on the field. he does. now we dont know if we want smith or barnes gone faster.

WR - we lack a true #1 wr. DHB and Moore were believed to be able to step up and one of them would get to it. but neither one of them have. both solid #2s. streater and criner continue to make progress but until the take first team reps in the offseason and have a full season of play under their belts, then we can see what we really have. having a squad of okay receivers doesnt cut it in the nfl.


DT - we dont have a good sized DT. desmond bryant has potential. he just needs to bulk up. but in the mean time we will need a big nasty guy to shore up the middle of our d line. tommy kellys been disappointing to say the least and seymours knees are about to explode

DE - houston and shaungessey arent very good at rushing the passer. while they have other skills certainly, we will need a pass rushing DE moving forward

MLB - omar gaither is alright. better than mcclain thats for sure. can he lead our defense though as any good mlb can do? that i dont know

CB - our patchwork dbs havent exactly panned out. philip adams shows potential. we need another cb who puts effort and production forth like him cause hes the only halfway decent corner we have.

FS - giordonno finds a new way to get burned every week

Special Teams

P - shane lechlers time in oakland is very likely over. there is no way reggie will want to pay him the kind of money hes been paid up till this point. marquette king will be our future punter

KR/PR - im putting these in the same line because its the same story both places. we lack a returner whose electrifying and can put our offense in good position. every time, they try to do these sideline to sideline dances and it never works out. just catch the ball and run it up the gut, make john madden proud.

If there's anything else you'd like to add (I know QB might be a hotly debated topic) please include it in the comments below

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