"Reggie McKenzie not only a scrub, but a liar as well (DA didn't want Knapp)"

I am just posting this from another site. I wonder if any of you took part or read it?

"I just had lunch with Rod Woodson and Dana Stubblefield and asked them what they thought about us and the direction of the team. First off I was very surprised with everything they said and have taken some of the anger I have for Dennis Allen off of him, not all but some. Let me start by saying they are NOT fans of Reggie McKenzie.

1st off, I asked them what they thought about Greg Knapp and the offense Dennis Allen chose. I was told Greg Knapp was not Dennis Allens choice, Neal Brown was Dennis Allen's (OC from Texas Tech's spread offense) choice but Reggie wanted Greg Knapp so he could run the system Reggie wanted, yep folks Reggie lied to us about a coach picking his own staff. Rod told me that Dennis wanted us to run a speed spread offense because of who we had on offense but Reggie wanted a conservative WCO zone scheme. And had connections and a friendship with Greg Knapp. I have been quick to blame DA for this change of offensive scheme but now I blame Reggie.

2nd, we began talking about the cap and money issues and the moves this offseason. And folks I have the truth, Rod who was here until the day after Reggie took office said he and Reggie had a long talk about the defense the day he was hired. I was told that Reggie from day 1 was not interested in restructing Stanford Routt even if Routt agreed (and was willing). Rod said him and Reggie got into it about restructuring routt and holding off a year until they had better corners in here and Reggie responded by relieving him of his duties the next day. WOW I did not see that coming. Then I asked well what about Kam Wimbley, contrary to reports that Kam was not willing to restructure, I was told by both of them that Kam had agreed to restructure after putting up a fuss in January, and once he had agreed, Reggie cut him anyway (making a statement). I don't agree with Reggie's tactics just to make a statement that has been detrimental to the team.

3rd, I asked what do they see as the future of this team? Can Reggie get the job done? Dana said "even a blind squirrel finds a nut", the odds arent good but it is possible. But even more disturbing, both of them said that Reggie will not allow change to happen unless HE wants it. That no matter how bad things get and how wrong Reggie is, he will stay stubborn to his way. All of us calling for Knapp's head, looks like we will have to endure this sh*t for a long time. So much for Reggies promise of "I believe coaches should pick their staff" yeah... They also said, Reggie is going to fight for his draft picks, even the busts, so no matter what good players become free agents, not to even pay attention because they wont be Raiders.

After having lunch with them, I am not as angry at Dennis Allen, though they both agreed they question his motivational skills and if the team is even buying in because according to them (3 defensive starters, and 2 offensive starters who they wouldnt name) had texted them that they do not buy into what DA is selling. But what I do feel now is even more anger towards Reggie and the feeling that we have been lied to by Reggie and that Reggie may be the wrong guy. Now I am sure the Mac Mania Lovers will say oh these guys are lying or arent affiliated blah blah blah. I trust them more than just some couch coach or gm. They live in the football world."


I know how you guys love to get riled go crazy!

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