A blueprint for an improved Raiders team through Prudent offseason moves.

This fan post was inspired by Looking toward 2013: Free agents & salary increases by Campbell510. I've made what I think is the optimum scenario for our offseason moves and would like to see what other thought of my ideas. Give it a read and tell me what you think. Is it a good plan, bad plan or if you would just do a few things differently.

First I'll start off with the FA that I would keep. Jeremy Stewart, Alex Parsons, Brandon Myers, Derek Hagan, Desmond Bryant, Jamie Cumbie, Matt Shaughnessy, Phillip Wheeler, Phillip Adams, Joseilio Hanson, Mike Mitchell, Omar Gaither.

FA maybes.

Kaelin Burnett, Cooper Carlisle, Brandian Ross.

Restructures. Carson Palmer, DHB, Tyvon Branch, Sebastion Janikowski. I think these guys would.


DMC more trade than restructure, maybe to the Falcons for a third rounder. Tommy kelly, I don’t think you’ll do better than a third for him as well. Mike Brisiel, I don't know if he would restructure or not but if he won't we should trade him.

This is just what I would do if I could. I think big Reg will have over twice what he had last year for FAs. With Seymour’s contract voiding itself we’ll have a lot more. There will be some gambles but not like he had to do this year and we should also have much better depth.

My starters next year would be.

On D

DL. LDE Shaughnessy, DT Houston, DT FA/draft, RDE draft and must be a big time pass rusher.

LB. LOLB Burris, MLB Te’o/FA, ROLB Wheeler.

Secondary. Two FA/Draft CBs and an open competition with the guys we have now, Huff and Branch at Safety.

On O

QB Palmer.

RBs Reece and Stewart with an FA/draft RB as well.

FB Draft.

OL LT Veldheer, LG Coop or FA/draft, C Wisniewski, RG Brisiel/FA/draft, RT FA/Draft.

TE, I like who we have now but brining in another for competition would be good as well.

WR, I would like to see what we have now in one system for more than one year and we have bigger needs but a big time FA could be possible.

We’re not going to be able to change everything we want to in one year with our cap situaton. This is just what I think is logical and doable.

Our cap situation. The players on the books at the end of the year come to about $71,000,000. Then we have the cap hits from the player we have cut and we still have to resign the players that we’re going to keep. It would take somewhere around 16-20 mil to keep the FAs I would like to see stay with Shaughnessy, Myers, Bryant and Wheeler costing the most. So we’ll basically be looking at about 90 mil and maybe a little less on our cap before I started restructuring/trading player contracts. Lets say I could save 14 mil with the restructures and successfully trade Kelly and DMC for another 12 mil. That would put us around 64 mil. I don’t know what the cap hit is from the players we’ve cut but lets just say it puts us around 75 mil against the cap. That leaves us with around 47 mil to upgrade our team with.

That 47 mil and our draft would go towards a DT, Pass rush RDE, two CBs, MLB, maybe LG, RG, RT, RB, lots of depth and why not a big time WR FA if we have the cap room.

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