Draft: Part 3 (forgot Title.... meh)

Finals week, so I will make this short. Going to enjoy myself today before being consumed over the weekend with papers and studying.... at least the semester is almost done...

OH AND BY THE WAY, for those who were helping me on my Photoshop issue I want to give out a big thanks. Particularly with that one guy who told me to open the image in preview, and save it as something else. It worked! Just want to let you know, whoever you are. lols

So I'm going to make this short and sweet. Just going to name the guys, for I really do not feel like bringing up a big long post with links to the players I picked (especially after last night's loss..). So here we go:

1st Pick: Manti Te'O, ILB

There is some controversy here, but I'm not going to get too sucked in. What do we need from our defense the most? Some will say pass rush, and others will say a leader. I want both, but for me, getting Manti is a no brainer. Players like him do not come around very often in the league, and is probably the best ILB to come in the draft since Willis. He is great in coverage, flies all over the field, is a general on the field, and a class act on and off the field. He is a LEADER, and can diagnose plays very well, and he plays in a hybrid defense, in a 3-4 and 4-3.

We need to defend the middle, help against the run, and we need a guy who will be a leader in the middle of our defense calling plays and making adjustments. You want a player who can improve us overall, and not just a pass rusher? Manti is the man. And we do need desperate help in the middle with coverage.

3rd Rounder: Jordan Hill, DT Penn State 6'1" 294 Lbs

Looking at the video, he looks to have good interior rush. Also has some good stats on the season. imo, he and Houston can help provide a rotation in and out of DE and DT, and we need bodies on that DL. Let me know what you think in the video.

4th Round: Nick Becton, OT Virginia Tech. 6'6" 318

Tall LT for VT. I was thinking of having either him or Veldheer at RT. We need some OL, and I think we should address the need of RT seeing as how I am sick of seeing Barnes and "Free DEs" Willie Smith. And the video someone had it titled, "Nick Becton is made of awesome" so he must being doing some good things on that OL (which in the video looks horrid outside of him).

5th Round: Tyrann Mathieu, CB

DOn't think he needs much introduction. He is pretty famous for his nickname, and his play (though I hardly seen him). I am putting him here because I HAVE seen a little video, and a lot of people seem to want him. So here he is....

I so far could not find many people that look great in the 6th and 7th round. Greg Blair (ILB) and Marquess Wilson (WR) look pretty good, but that's about it. Maybe just try and get OL here.

In any case, feel free to comment and such. I will be happy with pretty much anyone with our top 5 pick. Everything else seems like Gravy to me in a way...... =/

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