Raiders In for A Defensive Draft?

One of the worst Raider defenses of all time has not only disappointed the fans this year, but the entire organization isn't happy.

A lot want to blame Tarver and Dennis Allen but I don't think it's really their fault. 2 drafts in a row with no 1st pick and our last 1st round pick just quit the team. Seymour was technically our 1st round pick from two years ago has checked out with injuries and Carson Palmer was our pick last year.

All that plus cap hell I'm willing to give Allen and Tarver a pass for this year. Knapp on the other hand should be looking for a new job by Christmas. He can't use the weapons he has and his conservative offense would work if we had a top 5 defense that allows 7 points a game.

All of us want to trade back and pick up picks but a lot of teams want to do that so this mock isn't going to have any trades.

1. Jarvis Jones OLB/DE Georgia 6-2/240

Jones has really good games against good SEC offenses every week. His best skill is pass rushing and was one of the best in the country but he's also athletic enough to cover and stop the run. He will be like Von Miller who pretty much got Dennis Allen's job for him. He's a boar hunter that Raider fans will love and he'll be a play-maker that'll make plays and allow other players to make plays. I can see him taking Burris's spot and move Burris to inside linebacker where I think he'll fit better there anyway.

Watch him not over-pursue and make the tackle. His pass rush gets me excited and he's a leader on that Georgia defense

3rd Round: Tyrann Maththieu "Honey Badger" 5-9/180 CB/FS/Returner LSU

He could walk on and take Adam's returner job and take Gio's job at center fielding FS. Every fan on every team wants to take the chance on this guy. He smoked some pot in college and got kicked off the team. To me it's not that serious and isn't as bad as getting a DUI. He has great football instincts and would instantly make the secondary better.

4th round: Andrew Jackson 6-1/260 MLB Western Kentucky

Plays like Ray Lewis. Hits hard, leads the defense, and talks smack. He played well against Alabama and could be a real steal.

6th round: Brandon McGee CB 6-0/ 190 Miami

Very fast and physical corner but Miami's secondary has struggled hard this year. Maybe with some good coaching McGee could turn it around.

7th round: DT Montori Hughes 6-3/330 Tennessee-Martin

Got kicked off the Tennessee football team. Hughes has 38 tackles, 8.5 tackles for a loss, four sacks and a pass broken up in 2012. Little risk high reward type pick.

Let me know what you guys think.

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