My Free Agency Wish List and Ideal Depth Chart

No I didn't get all crazy with just superstars that are super expensive. We still have a lot of work to do with Salary Cap and restructures and cuts, but here we go I have broken down who I want us to look at and consider.

I will start with Offensive Line because this will make or break Palmer and what running game we will have.

OC- $High-Chis Myers- As much as I want Wiz2 to move to center the left side was nice and Myers would know the scheme from his coaches to call protections with WIZ helping in shotgun formations like I'm seeing I lot of teams do.

OG- $Cheap-Stephon Heyer- Resign for cheap proved to be good depth at the gaurd position when injuries occured.

RT- $Mid-Jared Gaither- San Diego might retain him, but worth another look to compete with Barksdale or Campbell. not really sure what we have there with those two being fresh meat.

Draft- We still draft at least one lineman I think a Gaurd.

QB- Campbell will probably be a little high but just not sure who to be our number 3. Henne or Whitehurst?

RB-$Mid-High- I think Bush will return, but if not we will need a power back which is limited: Hillis, Tolbert are only Powerbacks

FB-$Mid- High- REECE is a must and use him this year

WR- $Dirt Cheap-Let Chaz return and Housh should too our youngins need a vet mentor unless they steal a WR late Ryan Broyles he would have time to heal before asked to make plays but he should be good to go.

Expensive: Myers, Powerback

Defense the Big Needs

This is a little tough if looking at it from a Hybrid 3-4/4-3

I'll start with the Back End we will either darft a safety or CB (hoping Cliff Harris as we need a punter returner)

S- $High-Tyvon Branch must come back

S-$High- Landry the Luxury Pickup

FS- $Cheap- Giordano insurance policy (Eugene might be able to work this if his contract is downgraded in a major way)

Depends on Chris Johnson' Contract as well

CB-$High- Brandon Carr if not Cortland Finnegan- The dream pickup in my opinion

CB- $Mid- Tracy Porter- I have a feeling this will really happen

This is where it gets tricky with a Hybrid Scheme we need a versitile front 7

DL either way we need a NT to replace Henderson (especially if his contract isn't reduce to 1mil or less) Could be done in draft

NT- $High- Paul Sollai MIA would be excellent not sure how much cash we would have for him

DT/NT- $Low-Mid- Broderick Bunkley DEN- Would know the coach and scheme

DT- $Mid- Kelly Gregg or Cory Redding- BAL

Line Backer/ DE Hybrids

To go with Wimbley-

LB/DE- $Low- Groves could be put in a goof position here especially with some coaching and scheme changes and his ST play if we dont draft a better (LB Kendricks Please)

I would like Maybin and Hawthrone or Jackson to compete with Ro and Geothel

LB- $Mid- Hawthorn SEA

LB- $low-Mid- Aaron Maybin

LB- $Mid- High- D'Qwell Jackson

Ideal Depth

QB:Palmer/ Pryor/ Henne or Whitehurst (Campbell over either if he wants to return as backup)
RB: DMC/ Hillis or Bush/ Jones/ Cartwright or UDFA or FA
FB: Reece/ Gordon

LT: Veldheer/ Gaither
LG: Wiz/ Heyer/
C: Myers/ Wiz
RG: Campell/ Barksdale
RT: Gaither/ Barksdale
(Draft OT compete with Barks if no Gaither or OG if no Myers and Wiz to C)

WR1- DHB/ Murphy
WR2- Moore/ Chaz
Slot: Ford/ Housh or Broyle

TE: Boss/Ausberry/Myers

CB1: Carr/ Johnson
CB2: Porter/ DVD
Nickel; Chekwa/ Harris (Draft)

FS: Huff/ Eugen or Gio/ (Draft)
SS: Branch/ Mitchell

MLB: McClain/ Geothel/ Hawthorne because Jackson might cost too much (one doesn't Make it)
WOLB: Curry/ Kendricks
SLB: Wimbley/ Maybin

DT: Seymour/ Kelly/ Bryant (NT Draft)
DE: Houston/ Shaugnessy/ Wimbley/ Draft or Groves

ILB: McClain/ Hawthorne or Geothel/ (Draft Kendricks)
OLB: Maybin/ Wimbley/ Curry

DE: Seymour/ Kelly/ Shaugnesy/ Bryant
NT: Sollai/ Houston/ Draft Pick

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