Darren McFadden

Beware this isn't a post pleading for a trade. This is about the best player on the team, Darren McFadden.

My prediction is DMAC leads the league in rushing next year.

People say the zone blocking will hurt him but he did good in it before. As a rookie he had some big runs until he got hurt and got burried in the depth chart.

His injuries have nothing to do with his toughness. He's played hurt, took a painkiller shot to play, and he's our best home-run hitter.

Hue Jackson tricked us. whether he knew or not Darren's injury was a season ending injury. He was kept on the roster all year because Hue knew if we magically made the playoffs we could only win behind McFadden.

If Jackson would of put him and Campbell on IR then we could have picked up a D lineman we were missing for rotation and a corner so we would have more then 3 dressed for a game. Should have cut Boller also because he wasn't going back in and our defense looked tired.

Back to Dmac. This guy has it. He is the most complete running back in the game today. He will run by you, run you over, spin you out of your cleats, and throws a mean stiff arm. He's a machine. A monster. He smacks during pass protection and he's not even diving for legs like other backs do, he is taking heads off. This guy ran up field to chop block Ngata from the ravens. He controls the game. His hands are better then most our recievers. There's nothing this guy can't do. He gets hurt because he's playing like he's got nothing to lose. 110% every play. I said it when we drafted him this guy is gonna take us to championships.

Hes got the Line and the franchise QB. Yes I said it franchise QB. Palmer and McFadden are going to put up huge numbers if they are together next year. When has Palmer had a running back that could take it to the house on any play? Never. When has McFadden ever had a QB that can hit the long throws to our speedy recievers off the play action? Palmer will be 100% better with McFadden behind him. Play-action will turn this team into champions.

As soon as Tarver has our boys forcing turnovers and giving Palmer and Dmc extra possessions the sky is the limit.

Bush is good and if he wants to come back for a cheaper price then that's great. Nothing better then watching a fresh legged Michael Bush coming in and running over a tired defense in the 4th quarter.

In my opinion McFadden is the best in the league. I would take a healthy McFadden over any back in the league.

Please stop with the whole trade McFadden and Palmer campaigns. These two are great. Honestly if you think Campbell and Bush could take Palmer and McFadden in a scoring contest you should go back to your coloring books while your watching espn and looking at the stat sheet before writing a post on here after watching the 5 seconds of highlights espn actually shows of the Raiders.

Darren McFadden for 2013 MVP and co superbowl MVP with Carson Palmer.

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