Jack's Mock Draft v1.0 and future depth chart

I'd thought I make an early mock draft seeing as how I scouted a bunch of players so far. There are still more I need to scout, but I think an early guess as to who we'll draft based on how the team is going to look to become under the new coaches. Let's take a look at who I see in a Raider's uniform for next year:

3rd Round Pick

I believe we'll get a 3rd rounder for Nnamdi. At the current time, without comp. picks, we have only a 5th and 6th rounder. Yikes! So anyways, without further ado, I see the Raider getting:

Alameda Ta’amu, DT from Washington

Alameda is a typical DT that has the size and quickness to not only stop the run in the middle but also provide some kind of rush. His size is 6'3" 341 lbs. 40 time is just over 5 seconds (but what DL will run 40 yards anyways? lol). His stats in 2011 are: 15 solo/30 total tackles, 7 tackles for loss, and 3.5 sacks. In 2010 he had 21 solo/39 tackles, 5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, 1 broken up pass, and a fumble recovery. Anyways, there is no video of him where I can see him personally. I could watch some Washington games on youtube, but I don't think I can focus very well on him, as his plays would be limited in a team highlight film..... so I will copy paste what CBS Draft has to say:


The Washington Huskies used to routinely churn out NFL-caliber offensive and defensive linemen. The highlight was Steve Emtman, the No. 1 overall pick of the Indianapolis Colts in 1992, but several other notables -- like Lincoln Kennedy, Olin Kreutz, Larry Tripplett and Tank Johnson -- have come through the program since.

With Tripplett (2001) their last all-conference defensive lineman, the Huskies have fallen on hard times up front. In Ta'Amu, they have a potentially dominating run-plugger capable of earning such recognition.

Despite coming to camp out of shape due to a broken foot suffered during his senior year of high school, Ta'Amu contributed as a true freshman, starting five games and posting 21 tackles. A year later, he started 11 contests, but saw his tackle numbers drop. He posted 19 tackles, including 4.5 for loss and 2.5 sacks.

Ta'Amu took his game to another level as a junior, starting all 13 games and more than doubling the previous season's tackle numbers. He finished with 39 tackles, including five tackles for loss and a 1.5 sacks. It was when Ta'Amu made his plays, however, that changed most noticeably for the Huskies. Ta'Amu appeared to get better as the season went on, enjoying some of his best performances against the best competition, including a memorable evening against Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl in which he recorded a 10-yard sack, had a 14-yard fumble return to set up an early Washington score and drew a holding penalty in the end zone that led to a Nebraska safety.

A massive man, Ta'Amu is tough to move and can surprise his opponents with his athleticism. He remains raw as a pass rusher and doesn't have the foot speed to chase down ball-carriers. His ability to clog running lanes, however, could make him one of the more highly coveted nose guard prospects in the country -- if he can build upon the success of his junior season.


Pass rush: Surprising initial quickness off the snap. Wide-bodied frame makes it difficult for him to split gaps, but shows a burst when he has a lane. Developing swim move. Relies mostly on a simple bull rush at this point, which is quite effective in collapsing the pocket. Only phone booth quickness. Gives good effort in chasing down the quarterback, but tires quickly.

Run defense: Strong, stout interior presence who often requires double-team blocks to keep him from clogging running lanes. Short, thick legs and thick trunk which aid him in anchoring. Inconsistent in his effort pursuing laterally and downfield, but surprises opponents with his quickness for such a large man. Short arms could lead to problems against NFL-caliber offensive linemen with longer arms able to get into his chest …

Explosion: Flashes an explosive initial burst off the snap to split gaps, especially when guards vacate the hole to pull. Has the upper body strength to rock his opponent back onto his heels. Quicker and more athletic than his body would lead you to believe, flashing startling explosiveness as a tackler when he gains momentum.

Strength: Powerful man who often requires double-teams. Excellent strength in his upper and lower, though his short limbs limit his effectiveness, at times. Relies heavily on his bull rush to pressure the quarterback. Often is at his most effective as a run-stuffer by simply creating a pile in the middle due to his ability to anchor.

Tackling: Makes most of his tackles by simpyl bludgeoning the ball-carrier. Lacks the quick-twitch muscles and lateral agility to break down in space, but has such great strength that he often is able to grab the ball-carrier with one arm, slow his momentum and grab on with his other arm to pull the ball-carrier to the ground. Inconsistent effort in pursuit, but generates impressive momentum when he's moving at full-speed and can rock the ball-carrier with an explosive hit.

Intangibles: Struggled with his weight early in his career. Has weighed as much as 390 pounds and played at 360, at times. Committed himself to extra conditioning and taking rice -- a staple of the Samoan culture -- out of his diet. He weighed in at 337 pounds for the 2011 Holiday Bowl. Suffered a broken foot during his senior year of high school.

--Rob Rang

Sounds like the type of guy we need if we are going to be a 3-4 4-3 hybrid defense. Of course, I will be mentioning one other player just in case Alameda doesn't fall to us. Alameda is projected as a 3rd rounder. Not really a LATE 3rd rounder as far as I know. So with that in mind, let me introduce you to a player that I think is the best choice after Alameda:

2nd choice:

Bruce Irvin, OLB out of West Virginia

I feel like I need to talk a bit more about this late 3rd round prospect. Let me put up a video for you first:

Beast Mode (Bruce Irvin Junior Highlights) (via dougitydog)

I feel like Dannis Allen would want our version of Von Miller. According to Bruce Irvin's Profile, he has limited experience in coverage because he was asked to blitz a lot. In the video, you see him play OLB and even 3-4 DE (Yeah its crazy!!). He looks to have a high motor, and good instincts. I can see Allen viewing him as a Von Miller, or Clay Mathews player. He would be awesome in sub packages as well. I don't know about you guys, but I would definitely love this pick if Alameda was not there. His stats are basically listed in the video, but if you want to read more, click here.

4th Round Pick

Yes I do believe we will at least have a 4th as well from either Gallery or Zach Miller. Anyways, lets see who can be the ideal choice for the Raiders:

Jarius Wright, WR out of Arkansas

I have debated, and DEBATED myself for the past half hour as to which player we should get late in the 4th. Donnie Fletcher CB out of Boston College, or Jarius Wright out of Arkansas. Let me explain my reasons for not taking Donnie Fletcher. First of all, here is what I said about him:

Again.... there is no video for this man.... irritating I know. And I don't watch BC games too often at all, but I heard very good things about this kid. at 6'0" 201 lbs. he can even move to safety if need be. With Routt gone, and not knowing whether or not we'll have the money to get a top CB in free agency, Fletcher seems to be an ideal choice here. We have Chris Johnson, DVD, Chekwa.... well thats really it. And its a possibility that we'll move Checkwa to free safety if need be. Not to mention that IF we get a CB in free agency, getting Fletcher would provide great depth, and more flexibility in the secondary, especially in sub packages Fletcher is a tough, solid CB. He can play in man, zone, and can even press cover based on his size and his intangibles. His stats in 2011 are recorded as follows: 21 solo/35 tackles, 2 INTs, and 5 passes broken up. Its small compared to his 2010 season with 43 solo/58 tackles, 5 INTs, 3 pass broken up.

I figured that since Routt is gone, we may need more CB depth. Then I thought we'll grab a CB in free agency, or later in the draft (I think some would know who I'm thinking of). At the moment, we have Chris Johnson, DVD, and Chekwa. Counting a free agent (which we'll more than likely we'll get someone at least) that would give us 4 CBs. Now, Johnson has been injured for some of the season last year, and at the current time we don't know how DVD will turn out in camp, or even Chekwa despite a promising showing in some of the season, but also was injured for a bit. So why did I chose Jarius Wright?

Impact and value. I know we have Moore, DHB, and Ford as our primary 3, with Murphy as our 4th guy. Here is the thing though, Ford is now likely injury prone, and Moore is hopefully not going to follow suite. DHB is now the only consistent starter. In my eyes, I see Ford only taking the kick returner duties, while Wright can be our main slot guy. I don't think Wright will make it into the 4th though, which worries me, so if Wright is not there, then pick up fletcher (here is his profile) or the RB Dan Herron who I listed below for this round. However, if Wright is there we should definitely take him. Here is a video:

No. 4 WR Jarius Wright Arkansas vs Texas A&M 2011 (via mathew40)

He is blazing fast. He has good hands, and looks to be a solid slot receiver who can split out wide. Our receiver core has not displayed to be fully healthy. Ford especially. To me, Wright has great value at this spot, and has potential to be very dangerous. besides, I have a CB in the 6th just waiting for me to make him known. ;)

If not Wright then I would pickup Danny Fletcher. Or........ I would pickup Dan Herron, RB out of Ohio State. He is small (5'9" 212 lbs.) but has earned the nickname, Daniel "Boom" Herron. Here is his profile, video (highly recommend viewing this), stats. I don't think we'll be able to keep both Bush and McFadden. I think we'll keep McFadden since we have Taiwan Jones that has a similar style as McFadden, and we would need a powerful RB. I think Herron can be it. He also played with Pryor, so it would be interesting if we see packages with Pryor and Herron.

But you guys can tell me who you would prefer as well. However, if we don't get Alameda in the 3rd, then I think the strongest pickup would be to get Akiem Hicks here. I know its on the pulpit (hey I was going to feature this guy for the Raiders anyways) but please read about my post on him here. If you want to talk about a raw player who can potentially be very dominating, this guy is it.

5th Round Pick(s)

Okay, so I do believe we will receive a 5th round comp. pick. l assume either a 5th or a 6th but I don't know. So for the next 3 rounds (including the 5th round obviously) I will display 2 picks in each (although 1 pick in the 7th since we traded it to the Seahawks for Curry). However, I won't copy and paste profiles or vids. I'll link them, and have you all see for yourselves. But keep in mind the first person I list is the one I prefer, so if you need to base my solid mock draft off of anything, it would be the first people I list. Okay, so here are my 2 picks for the 5th:

Josh Chapman, DT out of Alabama

A Nick Saban guy. Say what you want about McCLain (although its only two years) but Saban has developed interior DL like no ones business (Marcell Dareus, Terrence Cody to name recent names). Chapman is 6'1" 310 lbs, and would provide solid depth on our DL. He looks like he can play 3-4 DE, and provide a nice rotation in the middle with Kelly and Seymour. Keep the bodies fresh.

Video, Profile, Stats.

And for my second pick on the 5th round, it would be:

Tyler Nielsen, OLB out of Iowa

You can read my post on him here. Since we are going to play a hybrid 3-4 4-3 defense, I feel like we will need someone who has great coverage skills and con rotate in the LB lineup when need be. Definitely a good value pickup imo.

6th Round Pick(s)

So so far we covered mostly the defensive side. We got 2 DTs, 1 OLB, and a WR. If not then maybe 2 OLBs, a DT, a WR or a CB or a RB. I know some of you will be surprised that I haven't picked up any offensive players, perhaps OL. But I know just the person to get this round. If we get Wright, then we should now pickup:

Asa Jackson, CB out of Cal Poly

Here is my post on the man. He looks like he is a 4th round CB to me. Getting him, would provide good depth, and if we get a CB in free agency, he can help mentor Asa as well. To me, this guy has oodles of potential.

With my second pick (assuming the comp pick is in the 6th):

Tank Carder, OLB out of TCU

I know a lot of people here would rather get Demario Davis. But Davis is potentially an UDFA as well. You can read my post on him, and 2 other players, here. Unless we get Bruce Irvin, I can see us nabbing Tank in the 6th. If not him the definitely Demario Davis. But if we get Bruce Irvin, then we would probably get an OG. Probably Antoine McClain out of Clemson just based on his size (he is 6'6" 335 lbs.). In his profile, at 2010 it reads:

Third-team All-ACC by Phil Steele … played 704 snaps in 13 games (13 starts) … had a team-high 69 knockdown blocks … led the Tigers in knockdown blocks in four games (Auburn, Miami (FL), Florida State, Wake Forest) … had an average grade of 76 percent … had 14 knockdowns and a 79-percent grade in 78 snaps at #15 Auburn; he was a big reason that Andre Ellington rushed for 140 yards … had 14 knockdowns against #16 Miami (FL) … had five knockdowns and an 83-percent grade against Georgia Tech … had an 82-percent grade at Wake Forest … won the Strength Training Award for offensive linemen for spring practice.

I like to hear that. But it's in 2010.

7th Round Pick

Is it even debatable?

Kelcie McCray, SS out of Arkansas State

You can read my post on him here. At the bottom. We do need some safety depth, and Kelcie would be a fine pickup imo. Looks very promising to me.

So here is my draft recap versions A, B, C, and D.


3rd round (Comp. pick from Nnamdi): Alameda Ta'Amu, DT

5th Round: Josh Chapman, DT

6th Round: Tank Carder, OLB

6th Round (Assuming we get the Comp. pick here from either Gallery of Miller): Demario Davis, OLB

7th Round (Assuming we get the comp pick here from Gallery or Miller): Kelcie McCray, SS/FS


3rd round (Comp. pick from Nnamdi): Bruce Irvin, OLB

5th Round: Josh Chapman, DT

5th Round Comp (assuming we get the Comp. here instead of the 4th round): Tyler Nielson, OLB

6th Round: Asa Jackson, CB

6th Round (Assuming we get the Comp. pick here from either Gallery of Miller): Antoine McClain, OG

Try to pickup Kelcie McCray as an UDFA


3rd round (Comp. pick from Nnamdi): Alameda Ta'Amu, DT

5th Round: Josh Chapman, DT

5th Round Comp (assuming we get the Comp. from Gallery or Miller): Tyler Nielson, OLB

6th Round: Asa Jackson, CB

6th Round (Assuming we get the Comp. pick here from either Gallery of Miller): Tank Carder, OLB

Try and pick up McCray as an UDFA


3rd round (Comp. pick from Nnamdi): Bruce Irvin, OLB

4th Round(assuming we grab a comp. pick here form either Gallery or Miller): Jarius Wright, WR

5th Round: Josh Chapman, DT

5th Round Comp (assuming we get the Comp. from Gallery or Miller): Tyler Nielson, OLB

6th Round: Asa Jackson, CB

Try and pickup Demario Davis and/or Kelcie McCray as UDFA's.

I would like to pick D, but I don't know if we'll receive a 4th round comp. pick or not. If we don't get a 4th round comp. pick, then I would chose A. We get a solid Nose Tackle, a solid DL rotation, two LBs who can perform in the 3-4 as well as make an impact as 4-3 OLBs, and a CB for depth.

Now..... for my projected Raiders depth chart for choice A (going for the safe route):

Since its all defense here it is (for 4-3):


RDE- Shaugnessy, RDT- Richard Seymour, LDT- Alameda, LDE-Wimbley

With a steady rotation of DL of course. We can mix it up so I figured a depth chart would be complex.


ROLB- Demario Davis, MLB- Rolando McClain or Tank Carder, LOLB- Tank Carder or McClain


LCB- (free agent signee), SS- Tyvon Branch, FS- Chekwa (If Kelcie beats him out in camp then start him), RCB- Chris Johnson. Slot CB would be either DVD or Asa.

In the 3-4:


RDE- Seymour, NT- Alameda, LDE- Josh Chapman or Houston


ROLB- Demario Davis, MLB1- Tank Carder, MLB2- Rolando McClain, LOLB- Kameron Wimbley

Secondary is about the same.

So I understand this was a very long post. Counted over 3000 words (YIKES!!!). Please comment on my mock draft choices, and the depth chart for our defense. I think it's fairly certain what our offense will look like.

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