Vikings Definitely Looking To Trade No.3 Pick in The Draft This Year

Watching ESPN today, the ESPN Bottom Bar reported that Vikings GM Rick Spielman says team "Definitely" is looking to trade No.3 Pick in the upcoming draft.

Now then, could this be a option for the Raiders to look at within the next few weeks? The Raiders will not have a Pick until the 5th round if memory serves however the Raiders could recieve Comp. Picks starting from the 3rd round due to Free Agency but i am not 100% sure if the Raiders will recieve them.

Now then for the Raiders to make this move we would have to make a BIG trade, to the Vikings, Possibly involving a future High Pick, and maybe a good player.

If the Raiders were to make this move we could probably end up getting one of the following in order of what the Raiders could still benifit from:

Robert Griffin III - QB Baylor

RG3 is a phenominal College QB in my opinion and i would not be surprized if the colts draft him over Andrew Luck, however Luck seems to be the most obvious choice for the Colts so, in the case the Colts do draft Luck, i think it would be stupid if the Raiders have the chance to get RG3. We still have Pryor, and apparently still Campbell but he is on the FA market, and Palmer going to be the definate starter going into next season. If the opprotunity to get RG3 shows itself, we could end up trading Pryor for a pick in next years draft.

Morris Claiborne- CB LSU

Since we decided to cut Stanford Routt, which im still 50/50 about but my opinion has no value in it, we are left with Chris Johnson, Lito sheppard, Bryan McCann, Demarcus Van Dyke, Chimdi Chekwa, Brandon Underwood, Terrail Lambert. Johnson was plagued last season with injuries, and he also had that horrible event with his family which i hope is doing well now, Sheppard is old veteran who can help develop younger players, McCann is definitely a Special Teams player who should help Ford out with the ST role, so we can utilize Ford's speed in the wide out position. Van Dyke, Chekwa, Lambert and Underwood are all either younger players with less experience or do not have our CB system on lock yet. Personally if we do make the move to get Claiborne i can see Claiborne and either Johnson/Underwood be our starters for next season.

Justin Blackmon - WR Oklahoma St.

Blackmon is the top WR in the draft this year, however i see him going with the 2nd pick to the Rams if they were to lose Brandon Lloyd. Now our recievers this year were injury prone, Ford went out early, alowing Denarious "All that and" Moore stepping up and proving himself to be our big play reciever. Murphy was injury prone too and lost game time because of it, Schilens has been mediocre since we drafted him again injury prone and such. T.J. Houshmanzada or whos your mamma was just a minor inside threat, and i dont see him in the league very long, DHB had great year this year and i see him going much further with Palmer 100% with the system now. With the additon of Blackmon the Raiders will have another Threat in the Wide Out area, with DHB, All that and Moore, and Blackmon in a 3 Wide Out set, it will make safeties and CB's Confused on who to double, knowing that all are huge playmakers and dangerous if left unproperly covered, plus it is a added boost to our running game if you look at it. All of the safties and CB's will be focusing on Pass, Fake the pass and hit em with draw play with DMC and gain a first down.

In the end this is just my opinion, it would be a great fantasy to see this come true but who knows what Reggie and Dennis have in mind for this year. I'll have a pole on the bottom for people can vote on to see their choices and opinions, and feel free to bash me on what i posted, im not a regular here so i dont mind critizism

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