Jack's Raiders Mock Draft v2.0

Oh how I wish the offseason was easier to project. Right now, the Raiders have huge question marks about how they will approach the offseason with, and that makes guys like me doing mock drafts quite a challenge, with what comp. picks we would/should get. But there is no reason why I should guess! For comp. picks alone, I think the league grants us a 3rd, 5th, and 6th. Which will leave us with picks in the 3rd, 2 5ths, 2 6ths. Five picks, which is adequate enough. Also won't cost much to sign thee guys either. Let's see what we can grab here.

With the late late late 3rd round comp. pick, I have been looking at 4th rounders. And this is who I think we should get.

With the late 3rd Round Pick (that might as well be a 4th round pick), the Raiders shall get: Akiem Hicks, DT

Akiem will be a project, but if he pans out, he will be awesome. It was between him and Bruce Irvin. But Irvin raised his draft stock by his 40 time, so I don't know if he'll be available. However, at 6'5" 318 lbs, Akiem is a big, Athletic DT who will fill in a solid rotation up the front, and Seymour will be a huge mentor for him. He may be rising up to the 4th round, so its best to get him now. Here is some video:

Akiem Hicks - DL 2011 Regina

Rams (via uofrrams)

A few things you will notice is that he plays EVERYWHERE on the DL. It seems the Regina Rams play both a 3-4, and 4-3 as well, and Hicks is playing at both tackle positions, and both end positions. Looks very versatile.

You'll also notice how he is making everyone look like highschoolers. He doesn't look 325 in the video imo either. lol

So my quick thoughts are that he has a very good push, and has a great motor. he doesn't look like he ever gives up, and he sheds blocks pretty dang well for a guy his size. His closing speed surprises me too. For a guy his size, he has pretty damn good burst. He looks like he uses his hands well, and has pretty good vision.

The one downside I can come up with, is that he hasn't played against top competition. He was with LSU for a while, but he went to Omaha in 2010, leaving no standout performances (I don't think he even played that much) at LSU.

Bottom line, he is a 4th-6th rounder. he has tremendous size and upside that is worth looking into. I wouldn't mind drafting him in the 5th, but I can see him slipping into the 6th round because of how raw and truly untested he is. He was invited to the East-West shrine game, and he was a popular topic amongst NFL Observers.

Lets look at the rest of the picks after the jump.

With the mid 5th Round pick, the Raiders select: Tyler Nielson, 4-3 OLB (3-4 ILB)

As you can see, I would rather have him at ILB in the 3-4. I am a firm believer that the Raiders will play in a base 3-4 this year. Nielson is a GREAT cover LB, and has instincts. This is what I had to say about Nielson on the S&B pride.

I think he would be very valuable in covering them pesky TEs and slot guys over the middle.

With the Comp. 5th Round pick, the Raiders select: Asa Jackson, CB

This is also no secret. I also made a post on Asa Jackson, and I liked what I saw. We need some depth at CB, especially since we don't know if Chekwa will be our FS or not, and especially considering that Routt is now gone. Asa looks to have potential, and he will be a nice pickup with the Comp. pick. Here is my post on him, and read up!

With the mid 6th round pick, the Raiders select: Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, NT

We need a NT. Plain and simple, and Jean-Baptiste can definitely fit the bill. At 6'2", 335 lbs. he can be the guy who has the potential to be a very good NT for us. Notice I say POTENTIAL though, as according to the one article I can find that has any sort of information on Baptiste, he needs to work on clogging up lanes for our LBs to make plays. Oh, I suggest you read the article too, as the main view of it was what what NT the Raiders will get. So here it is.

With the final Raiders pick, the Raiders shall get: Miles Burris..... 4-3 DE, 4-3 OLB, 3-4 OLB, and I'm pretty sure 3-4 ILB.

I guessed on the last one but you heard me right. I pride myself in finding low round guys, and I just watch video on him, and he played in more than one position! 0_0 His stats are awesome, and let me show you his video:

Miles Burris 2010 Highlights - Official (via trevorburris)

Now, he for a low rounder I figured he has a mountain of potential. I'm sure he is a lower round guy for a reason (Im guessing he may be susceptible to play action and over pursuing), but I think his versatility and motor will make him an excellent project here. And we need to develop a rotation of LBs.

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