R5U2S's Thoughts on Some Free Agents

Everybody knows that we do not have much money. Were at about 9.2 million under right now and are all hoping for a Kam restructuring and a lengthy contract for Tyvon. These two could save us another 8 mill or more. Bringing us to about 18 million under cap. With that said, we could still sign a few free agents and there are some people I am thinking about or have questions about.


QB - In need of a #2

1. Dennis Dixon - Many people have mentioned his name because he is young, cheap, and versatile. I do not fully support the addition of Dixon because in his four years he has not even gotten close to getting some game time (beat out by Byron Leftwitch and Charlie Batch in Pitt) and I'm not sure he is the same player we expect coming from his knee injury.
2. David Garrard - Although he too is coming back from an injury (herniated disk), I do like Garrard and the Raiders were interested in him prior to him deciding to rest the 2011 season. David has had ample rest, would come cheap, and I would be confident with him stepping in if Carson were to go down.
3. Brady Quinn - Taking him from the Ponies would also make me happy. Quinn received many comments about being much like Carson coming out of college. They are similar players and could be used in similar ways if he were to come in for Carson Palmer.

FB - Marcel Reece.

RB - In need of a #2

1. Ronnie Brown - Not many people know, but this wildcat stud only made 1 million last year in Philly. If he were willing to do that kind of deal for the Raiders, I would love to bring him in for the #2 job.
2. Mike Tolbert - With Mike Bush on his way out, it would be nice to find a replacement for Smash-and-Dash. Tolbert would be a steal from the Bolts and would come with a heavy body at 243 pounds.
3. Benjarvus Green-Ellis - A more than serviceable back from a winning system. He will come in and work hard and will definitely be busy if he were backing up an injury-prone DMac.

TE - May need one if we do not go with B. Myers

1. Leonard Pope - Formerly of the Chiefs, he is a huge TE AT 6'8 and would be a great blocker and target in the redzone.
2. Visanthe Shiancoe - Many people have heard his name. He is a middle field threat coming up the seam and has great hands, but I would not necessarily go this route because Ausberry could handle these responsibilities.

WR - Last of our needs, but could use one.

1. Mike Sims-Walker - I have always been a fan of this guy because of his size. He is a big possession receiver to allow Ford to work his speed and maybe try out the slot.
2. Steve Smith - Another cheap possession receiver. I believe we may need this to complement all the speed and jumping that we have in Ford, Moore, and Dash.

O-Line - Looking for a center, guard, and RT.

1. Robert Gallery - Weirdly, I wouldn't mind seeing Gallery back at LG and moving WIz 2.0 at C. I could see Gallery being willing to re-sign for around 4 million on a 1-2 year contract. This would be a cost effective starter who can run block for us.
2. Stephon Heyer - A cheap serviceable body to resign. Looking in-house will be cheapest.
3. Marcus McNeill - He would have to switch positions from LT to RT, but I could see him coming in for a 6-7 million 3 year contract. He has had a few neck injuries, but he has held it down for the Bolts for a few years now with his big frame.
4. Eric Winston - Few chances that we have affording him, but this RT has aided Arian Foster in becoming what he is now. He is a power blocker that DMac would love to have. He would be great to help out with Dumervill and Von Miller.
5. Ben Grubbs - Another person who we have small chances at signing, but with such glaring needs on the line, I would not be surprised if we devoted a chunk of our small amount of money at the O-Line. Grubbs, like Winston, helps make his running back who he is. He has helped Ray Rice in a big way and his big body would be great on the inside.


D-Line - Not a big worry for the Raiders, could use some depth. I can see us adding a DT in the draft.

OLB - Depends on the deal with Kameron Wimbley

1. Manny Lawson - If Wimbley is not the way to go and he is released, Manny could immediately fill that spot. Like Aaron Curry (But less so), Manny is a hype player and uses his enthusiasm on the field for his extra bursts on his attack. An efficient tackler with decent legs.
2. Daryl Blacksock - Add him for depth and a few downs a game. Especially if we are to switch to a 3-4 defense, we could use the extra bodies. A cheap re-sign for the Raiders.
3. Joey Porter - A seasoned vet who has lost his step. Still, Porter has been a great teammate throughout his career. His injuries last season derailed him a bit and he would definitely be willing to take a bit of a pay cut. He is a nasty player to come in a teach the younger LBs.

ILB - If money allows, bring in a vet to challenge Death Ro and wake him up.

1. E.J. Henderson - Hard to see him leaving the Vikings, but Henderson is a player who was resurrected after a severe knee injury. He has a chip on his shoulder and would push Death Ro to be better and could show him so efficient tackling.
2. James Farrior - Again, another old player like Porter. He has a nastiness about him that Death Ro needs to learn from. He has been an anchor for the Steelers and we all know about this guy.
3. Larry Grant - You can read about him on the front page. Stealing him from the 49ers would be great.

CB - One in the draft, one in free agency (if possible) move Huff

1. Tracy Porter - If we do not spend on the O-Line CB is also a spot where I see the Raiders spending money. The hero of Superbowl XLIV is a good cover corner who would benefit from not being strictly man. He can rise to the occasion when it comes and would be a good addition to the Raiders.
2. Aaron Ross - After being promoted last year to the starting role, Ross flourished pulling in 4 INTs for the Giants. Many people should be after him in the FA period, but the Raiders could use his 6 foot frame on the outside.
3. Bryant McFadden - Better than Walter, Bryant has had an up-and-down career, but was once a very good corner for the Steelers. If we could pull out any of his former form for a cheap price, he could be a great addition.

S - Lock down Tyvon, move Huff to corner

1. O. Atogwe - Atogwe had a decent season last year for the Redskins and could be a fill-in player for now. He can decently tackle and has decent leaping ability. He is a serviceable player who would hopefully come at a nice price.

The Raiders will in no way shape or form be able to sign a lot of players, but many of these players would come cheaply and would be great additions to the Raiders. The question is where the money will go or if we spend what little we have at all. We do have some glaring holes and we could fill them with a few of these guys.

What does the nation think?

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