A few potential Raider Free Agent acquisitions

RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis

5-11 215 age 26

2011 salary: $1,835,000

With the imminent departure of Michael Bush on his way to a much deserved payday with another team, the Raiders have no proven backup to play sidekick to the dynamic, amazing, and often injured Darren McFadden. Enter into the equation BJGE. The Raiders franchise tagged Tyvon Branch to save 1.5 million against the cap. This 1.5 million could be thrown at Green-Ellis and allow the Raiders to get two very consistent players essentially for the price of 1. And while in New England Green-Ellis has been the model of consistency having never fumbled in 510 touches and over 2000 yards of rushing. With Green-Ellis you get what you see, not a home run threat (But McFadden and Jones are) but never injured, gets positive yardage, controls the ball, and is very effective in pass protection.

OT Anthony Collins

6-5 315 age 26

2011 Salary $555,000,

The back-up to Bengals right tackle stand out, Andre smith, also has been listed as a left tackle while on the Bengals roster, suggesting he has some versatility. At the perfect age when a player starts to enter into his prime, prototypical size, and grading out fairly well on film when he has had the chance to play, make him an intriguing free agent pick up. Due to his relatively little playing time he wouldn't be entitled to much more than the veteran minimum now that his rookie contract has expired. The Raiders need to pick up someone at RT who can push Joseph Barksdale or Bruce Campbell to eventually take over and start outside. In the meantime the RT pickup in the off season needs to take over for Khalif Barnes and make a talented unit even more solid and giving the Raiders the chance to have a premier NFL offense.

CB Brandon Carr

6-0 207 age 25

2011 Salary $555,000

I know that many in Raider Nation are clamoring for Cortland Finnegan, and understandably so; a player like Finnegan who's intensity, competitive nature, and chip on shoulder all make him look like he was born to wear a silver and black uniform. But Finnegan has played incredibly well in his contract season and will likely command a salary too high for the Raiders to afford. Enter into the equation Brandon Carr, a younger player just entering into his prime who played very well this last season. Dennis Allen knows about Carr, having coached against him twice last season. Likewise Reggie McKenzie knows about Carr as Carr was part of the Chiefs effort that dealt the Packers their first loss last season. Carr would be a great pickup practicing against Dwayne Bowe for the last 4 seasons and would shore up the Raiders secondary from a personnel standpoint. The bidding would be intense for this player but he's worth the cash as his best years of football are ahead of him.

DT Aubrayo Franklin

6-1 317 age 31

2011 Salary 1,250,000

With the rumors of the Raiders moving to more multiple defensive looks (Think alternating between 4-3 and 3-4) The Raiders are in need of a middle presence who clogs lanes and commands double teams. Luckily for the Raiders, Aubrayo Franklin's last season in the New Orleans 4-3 proved to be less than impressive as Franklin's skill set wasn't able to translate to the lateral movement asked for in Greg Williams' defense. But if the Raiders do have some 3-4 looks next season, Franklin would be a very valuable commodity on run downs and round out an All SEC interior DL (Richard Seymour: Georgia, Tommy Kelly: Mississippi State) that would be hell for opposing offenses to run against. The Raiders have a very talented DL but there are some head scratchers from a personnel perspective... For example why there are so many under tackles on the roster (Kelly, Seymour, Lamarr Houston, Desmond Bryant) and not a single true Nose Guard. This move would instantly solve 1/4 of the Raiders run defense issues and put less stress on the much maligned linebacker corps.

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