DHB a trade possibility?

Since there is more hate for DHB in the in Raider Nation than love, I read a post on and it made me think about the DHB trade possibilities.



First of all, any regulars here know I have been and will continue to be a DHB fan. The kid works hard and is not a distraction. He's not out getting into trouble either. And lets face it, he has gotten a hell of a lot better.

I attended the 2011 preseason game vs. the Saints. During the pregame warmup they introduced some Pop-Warner teams from the East Bay and they all were on the field for player introductions and the National Anthem. There was about 100+ kids or so lined up on Raiders and Saints sidelines.

DHB was the only player out of 160+ professionals on the field I saw that day that went and shook hands with all the young kids on his sideline on the south side. He understands what it's all about and he doesn't pretend to be bigger than the game.

His role model is Jerry Rice, though he may never reach the pinnacle that Rice did, and realistically not many ever will. You are not labeled the G.O.A.T. unless you are as good as Rice was plain and simple. No, I'm not comparing him to Rice either.

I just wonder if a change of scenery for DHB wouldn't be best for all parties involved? The expectation level for DHB will likely always be greater than his production. But he does deserve some respect.




Over the past several days, the Redskins' free agent options at WR have dwindled: DeSean Jackson and Wes Welker received the franchise tag from their respective teams, Stevie Johnson got a new deal from the Buffalo Bills and many suspect that Dwayne Bowe will either be tagged or have a new deal shortly.

While this leaves the team with some great options -- including Vincent Jackson, Marques Colston, Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon, to name just a few -- there will be increased competition for the players remaining, as Washington is not the only team shopping in the WR aisle. With this decrease in supply, that will likely shift the price tag up. And while the financial issue is a not insignificant one, the Redskins face an additional problem, as ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano explains:

- Tim Kavanagh

Dan Graziano

Free agents have to want to play for them

"The issue the Redskins will have is convincing these guys Washington is a place worth playing. Money is one thing -- and don't kid yourself into thinking it's not the first, second and third most important thing to free agents -- but there will be other teams bidding big on these guys, and it would help the Redskins' case if they could tell these free-agent wideouts the name of the quarterback who will be throwing them the ball in 2012, or what they plan to do to upgrade the offensive line and improve their chances of contending for the playoffs in the short term."

DHB to the Redskins make sense for many reasons:

1. DHB attended High School in Maryland and also when to college there which makes it likely that he would resign and stay a Redskin.

2. The Raiders lack of depth on defense and need to upgrade many positions as they attempt to fix the issues with salary cap (many teams have the same issue every year).

3. The building process that Ted Thompson utilized in GB is based on building through the draft and currently the Raiders have 2 picks plus some potential comp picks to be awarded later this month.

4. Most new regimes want their guys.

5. The emphasis on passing increases each year in this league the rules favor it as does TV and Goodell.

6. WR Stevie Johnson signed a five-year, $36.25 million contract extension with the Bills on Monday-- a week before he was set to become an unrestricted free agent. His contract makes DHB's contract not all that out of line.

2011 for DHB and Johnson

Stevie Johnson BUF 16 76 1004 62.8 13.2 55 4.5 45 7
Darrius Heyward-Bey OAK 15 64 975 65.0 15.2 58 4.5 44 4

The numbers are very comparable. What DHB's market value or implied value is, I don't know. That would have to play out. But this is the season to be thinking outside of the box. I don't think there is a chance that they would give up a 1st rounder but maybe a 2nd or a 3rd plus an additional later round pick. Most would think DHB has no value but I would beg to differ.

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