2012 Oakland Raiders projected draft board: 3rd round

Hey Raider fans. I haven't been posting that much lately mainly because Levi's posts are better and he gets them posted much quicker.

Reggie just gave us a brief draft plan and as many of us expected, he drafts the best player available. Now that's all good and all but at first he said he's getting starters, now it's depth?

Either way, the guy has been making moves and no one can argue that. I just wish he had some cap space and draft picks to get into this trading action. Brandon Marshall for a 3rd? Keith Rivers for a 5th?

I know a lot of people are hoping to see some 3-4 looks but I wouldn't count on much of it. Good nose tackles are almost harder to find than QB's and with little draft picks and no cash it's even harder. Now, maybe we will see some 3-4 on 3rd down with Richard Seymour at the NT to take up blockers, he gets double teamed on every play anyway, why not?

This year the Raiders should stay mostly a 4-3, similar to the Giants and Saints defense. Not the 4 man pressure with all man defense but lots of different things. Blitzes, zones, coverages, rotation, and disipline. Meanwhile they should be drafting guys that can play both 4-3 and 3-4 so when they have the pieces they can run a different defense every week.

Enough with the small talk. Let's take a look at the draft board.

Here are some players that Regg could be considering drafting.

1. Sean Spence OLB Miami. 5-11/230

This is the guy I want in Silver and Black. He is a playmaker. I've watched a lot of tape on him and he is exactly what this defense needs. He can play any LB spot in the 4-3 and the ILB in the 3-4 would be perfect. He can cover and bring heat against the pass. He doesn't have the huge hits but doesn't miss many tackles. He's big on watching film. A perfect weak side linebacker. I don't know if he will be the starter week one but he can come in during the season for injuries and can eventually become a good player in this league.

At the Combine he said: "I think I am a three-down linebacker -- very fast, I can go sideline to sideline, I'm a smart, very instinctive player. … I lead by example, and most of all I make plays."

2. Greg Childs WR Arkansas. 6-3/220

Childs is an early 2nd round level pick with injury issues that could make him a late 3rd round pick. If he falls to the Raiders, he would be a great choice to solidify the receiving corps. The Raiders wouldn't need him to make an impact right away, but later in the season or even next year he will. I see him as a future #1 receiver. Right now the only question mark he has is his knee. Could be like a Michael Bush kind of pick-- Hurt now but will play later.

3. Ladarius Green TE 6-6 240 La.-Lafayette

Another weapon for an offense that already has a ton of weapons? He is pretty much like David Ausberry-- a receiver turned tight end. He keeps putting on weight without losing speed. He has good hands and only had a few drops and can create mismatches with backers and slower safeties. Just an overall hard worker and Reggie likes that. After watching tape he should get picked in the middle of the 4th round but we will have to wait and see.

4. Josh Chapman NT Alabama 6-1/316

He is 2nd on my list behind Spence. Josh Chapman is a strong monster. Was the team's strongest player as early as his redshirt freshman season, owning a 480 pound bench press in 2008. He left Alabama benching closer to 580 pounds, according to the Alabama strength and conditioning staff and has a 630-pound squat when healthy. Played most of the 2011 season with a torn ACL which required postseason surgery. The one game he didn't play, Georgia Southern took advantage of his absence and rushed for 302 yards against a top defense. He's a tad lazy but most big guys are. The Raiders could use him now in our 4-3 and eventually he will be a key piece in the 3-4.

5. Michael Brewster C The Ohio State 6-4/312

This buckeye is a leader. When Pryor bailed, Brewster stayed and finished school to be a leader to his team and to become a better center. He can do it all and could probably start center for the Raiders week 1. That means Wisniewski can go back to LG where he excelled next to Veldheer and the line keeps some chemistry. Cooper Carslisle becomes better depth. Even if Wiz starts at Center the Raiders still need good depth.

6. Nigel Bradham OLB Florida State

Perfect for a 4-3 outside backer but not so much for a 3-4 because the only thing he's not good at is rushing the passer.. He is completely fearless, will always try to plow into the largest piles, and has a good knack of ending up glued to the ball carrier. He has cover skills in both man and zone, and his speed, quickness, and agility are very good. Ferocious against the run and very good in coverage, he is extremely versatile. The problem with him is I don't see him making it all the way until the very end of the 3rd round.

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