We can start 2-2 and still end up 10-6...

This is based on things being equal and all teams being healthy with injuries factored in this because that is to big of a variable to predict.

Monday, September 10 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS 7:15 p.m. ESPN Win 1-0

Revenge and fired up with the new regime we dominate SD in the opener. Palmer will come out smoking! He gave us a chance to go to the playoffs last year. This year the the defense responds.

Week 17 (SDG) 102.6 rating 28 comp 43 att 65.1 pct 417yards 2 tds 1 int

Sunday, September 16 at Miami Dolphins 1:15 p.m. CBS Win Finally 2-0

The jinx is over and we blow out Miami the team is still fired up and are not distracted in Miami!

Sunday, September 23 PITTSBURGH STEELERS 1:15 p.m. CBS Loss 2-1

This will be a great game that is winnable game for logic sakes lets just list it as a loss.

Sunday, September 30 at Denver Broncos 1:05 p.m. CBS Loss 2-2

For arguments sake we are gonna split the AFC West games except for SD ending up 4-2 in the division.For arguments sake we are gonna be 3-5 on the road. Last year and the Raiders went 5-3. 3 wins on the road seems reasonable.Last year the Raiders went 6-6 against the AFC while giving one away in Buffalo and laying an egg in Miami.This year the raiders are going to be 8-4 against the AFC. Home we were 3-5 that trend in going to changes this year. The Raiders go 6-2 The energy form Raider nation will finally pay off.

October 7 BYE

Sunday, October 14 at Atlanta Falcons 10:00 a.m. CBS Win 3-2

Away teams playing after a bye.
Wins 126,losses 141 for 47.2%. Expected margin of defeat was 1.7 points,actual was 0.8 points.

Compared to away teams playing having played the previous week.
Wins 1298,losses 1853 for 41.2%. Expected margin of defeat was 2.7 points,actual was 2.6 points.

We will never have a better chance to win a road game even with the limited practices in the new CBA we can still pull off a solid win.

Sunday, October 21 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS 1:15 p.m. CBS Win 4-2

Gabbert is just not developed enough and they are under drastic changes.

Sunday, October 28 at Kansas City Chiefs 1:05 p.m. CBS 4-3

Winnable just keeping with the parameters of splitting with KC

Sunday, November 4 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS 1:05 p.m. FOX WIN 5-3

Tampa Bay came out to the west coast and got rolled I'm not sure they have done enough to change their recent down turn. They are experiencing a fair amount of upheaval. Raiders win convincingly!

Sunday, November 11 at Baltimore Ravens 10:00 a.m. CBS Loss 5-4

Logic says this is a loss in a tough 2 game stretch

Sunday, November 18 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS *1:05 p.m. FOX Amazing game Loss 5-5

Using the same logic as above, at this point in the season Brees is usually on fire! So we will mark it as a loss.

Sunday, November 25 at Cincinnati Bengals *10:00 a.m. CBS 6-5

After 2 losses the troops rally up and bust the Bungles in the chops Carson lights up the Bungles!.

Sunday, December 2 CLEVELAND BROWNS *1:15 p.m. CBS 7-5

If you want to be a playoff team you need this one and there is a small revenge factor for what Fujita did to our season last year.

Thursday, December 6 DENVER BRONCOS 5:20 p.m. NFLN WIN 8-5

The other half of the split Sea Bass kicks the game winner for 61 yards at sea -level

Sunday, December 16 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS *1:15 p.m. CBS WIN 9-5

The win in the split although we could win both against KC

Sunday, December 23 at Carolina Panthers *10:00 a.m. CBS Lose 9-6

After 4 wins in a row we have a let down east coast roadie.

Sunday, December 30 at San Diego Chargers *1:15 p.m. CBS WIN 10-6

See week 1, same result! San Diego is a late season fodder we just need to finish what we started week.

This in my opinion is not that big of a stretch we can win 10 games and have a shot for the playoff. Harbaugh's a tough minded coach and he made a huge impact this year it's the Raiders turn. Dennis Allen will have these guys ticking like a fine timepiece and it's about time.

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