Raider Nation has a new voice

Once again Raider Nation has come out the gate swinging refusing to lose to another fan base with the winning of the Bracketology competition on for G.O.A.T. honors. It is truly a marvelous thing to be a part of such a brotherhood as we have as Raider fans. Time and time again we show up for our team in ways that most other fan bases just cannot hold a candle.

In this day and age with athletes being able to communicate with us in a way we never thought possible before the invention of Twitter we have pioneered the crossing of yet another threshold. There is no doubt in my mind that the love that we immediately showed Phillip Wheeler upon hearing he was visiting the Raiders played a large role in his decision to don the Silver and Black. That really is something special and opens up another dimension to the Twitter phenomenon.

People always knew that Oakland fans were die hard crazies. And now we have witnessed the first (and definitely not the last) moment where our fan base actually helped convince a player that Oakland is where he belonged. We now hold a power never known to have existed before this new age of technology.

We have the opportunity to show the love to potential free agents and to let them know firsthand just how respected and admired they can be if they choose the Raiders. They get a glimpse inside the closed door that the outside world simply does not understand. They can now feel what it will be like to be an Oakland Raider before putting on the iconic uniform. They get a chance to feel that mystique get right into their blood stream before they even sign on the dotted line.

Many people have forgotten about what the Oakland Raiders are all about after this decade of ineptitude. Oakland is the land that time forgot in the NFL. People do not realize that the history and aura of the Raiders is just as palpable as a team like the Green Bay Packers, who often get recognized for their storied past while the Raiders get ignored.

So be it, that is the way it has always been with the "Bad Boys of the NFL." The difference is that now we get to show those that do not remember our glory days that our fans still remember and respect what they once were. Right now they are rebuilding the team with the hopes of being contenders once again, and remind people that the Raiders are still here. To show the world that this beast is not extinct; it has just been in hibernation.

This is the Oakland Raiders, and they are coming back to reclaim their rightful spot on top of the NFL. It might be this year, it might be in years down the road but they will return to greatness.

The fans of this glorious franchise now have a new voice to be heard over the loud cries of the ignorant. We will remind those that don't remember that the Raiders are one of the winning-est franchises of all time. We will remind the players that we are a destination worth consideration. We will remind the world what it means to truly be the OAKLAND RAIDERS!

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