Grading Walter Football's Oakland Raiders Mock Draft

I know I usually like to tune into the Mock Draft because the format is clear and concise and Walt usually has a humorous twist on all teams situations. Yes, he does pick on the Raiders quite a bit, but in hindsight, we kind of deserve it, as do most franchise. But I am going to evaluate Walt's picks for our team.

Round 3- Mike Martin-DT (Michigan)

Grade: A. I love this pick. Mike Martin was a pretty productive tackle in college for a defense with really few playmakers. We need a big nose tackle or defensive tackle, and while Josh Chapman is ideal, he is from Alabama, who almost have a 100% no bust rate on defense. He has Chapman to the Chiefs early in Round 3. Listen, we basically have a 4th rounder here, and I've seen a late 2nd Round grade on Martin, so I like the pick's value.

Round 4- Chris Greenwood-CB (Albion)

Grade: F. This a bad spot to pick for outside linebackers, I think many of those are hidden gems in later rounds. But we need offensive line depth if we can't get a starter at corner here, and Greenwood would be a project. Nate Potter from Boise State would be my pick here because he can play guard or tackle, and maybe he'll live up to that preseason Round 1 grade he had.

Round 5- Jack Crawford-DE (Penn State)

Grade: D. Again, he just plopped a position of need into the pick here when we need BPA. We could get something similar to Chimdi Chekwa here in Alfonzo Dennard. A #2 corner from a big name B1G program who may provide an emergency fill if Spencer, Bartell, Huff, Greenwood, Lee, or others go down. Again, we wait on OLB. Dennard has better value than any linebacker here despite need.

Round 5- Terrence Ganaway- RB (Baylor)

Grade: C. I'd take Ganaway here. Provides that complement to Run DMC as a power back. But if we haven't taken an OLB yet we probably should here, as you can't usually ask for good depth from a 6th round pick. Massquoi from Troy is still on the board as an OLB, and he should get a good look. Overall not too bad.

Round 6- Alex Hoffman-Ellis- OLB (WSU)

Grade: A+++. I think there's less doubt that Hoffman-Ellis will be a Raider than RG3 will be a Redskin. Reggie Mac will get Hoffman-Ellis, and that means we could see him off the board in Round 4 if he feels it's necessary. I think Hoffman-Ellis could be fantastic, underrated depth right away.

Overall Grade: D+. Why so low? Because the Oakland Raiders don't walk out of this draft better right away, which is what we needed. Alex H-E and Martin are good starts, but Greenwood, Ganaway, and Crawford would all be sitting as bench warmers, where as I believe Massaquoi, Potter, and Dennard could be good, backup depth from Day 1. Overall, Walt's mock doesn't get it done for us

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