Raiders first and second round picks 2001-2007: Team success, or lack thereof...

Apr 11, 2012; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie at press conference at the Raiders practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Here's the first installment of first and second rounders if you missed it: Oakland Raiders 1st and 2nd rounders 1995-2000

We'll start in 2001 and continue with our examination of the picks the Raiders will be without this year as the Nation awaits it's first opportunity coming late the second day. The consensus here is that Raiders' initial picks will come on the defensive side of the ball, likely at linebacker, with many assuming it will be DT Josh Chapman out of Alabama too.

Hit the jump to see how Raider selections worked out from the start of last decade to 2007; check back shortly to bring us to the present:

2001: This decade gets off to a not so fantastic start with the 28th overall selection going on DB Derrick Gibson out of Florida State and the second at 59 going on QB Marques Tuiasosopo out of Washington. Moving on...

2002: With the 17th and 23rd selections in the first round the Raiders took DB Phillip Buchanon out of Miami and LB Napoleon Harris of Northwestern, respectively. In the second round with picks 53 and 55, the team selected OT Langston Walker and TE Doug Jolley. Though some value was salvaged via trades that ultimately yielded picks or the ability to get better ones for Buchanon and Harris, it's probably safe to say neither ever lived up to first round status. It's mandatory to say that Walker and Jolley absolutely never did. The team seems to continue a trend of stink up Radio City Music Hall with first and second rounders this decade. Perhaps noteworthy that with no picks until the 5th and later rounds remaining they picked nobody else worth mentioning this whole draft. Ronald Curry, QB turned WR with some success, especially against the Donkeys, is the only name worth recollection at all, selected at 235 in the final round.

2003: This year starts off a little better, but first overall pick at 31 out of California, none other than Nnamdi Asomugha, is not without early scrutiny. The S conversion to CB project does not manifest to the lockdown man to man specialist the Nation came to know and love in a very tough and long period of losing way more games than winning for several years, putting in question the first round pick. Ultimately you can't fairly do that: he'll probably eventually be a hall of famer. It goes downhill from here, the very next selection at 32 goes on LB/DE Tyler Brayton out of Colorado: a solid, "high motor" guy the team would ultimately trade away for decent value, but hard to say he lived up to first round level talent. In the second round, the Raiders selected Teyo Johnson at 73 out of Stanford. Perhaps caught up in the trend of taking basketball stars like Gates and Gonzales to be stars at TE, this project for the Raiders was a bust pick in the second round. Asomugha is hardly a consolation for another bad year. The only remaining recognizable names in this draft are guys like RB Justin Fargas, LB Sam Williams, and WR Doug Gabriel, who would become staples in the league for a lot of years, but not in the way Raider fans would have wanted at the end of the day.

2004: This period of drafting in the first two rounds might inspire one to believe the Raiders' mantra were "commitment to mediocrity," as the reaches pile on starting with the second overall pick going on OG (supposed to have been OT) Robert Gallery of Iowa, and the 45th overall in the second round going for C Jake Groves out of Virginia Tech. Gallery never lives up to second overall by a longshot, costs too much, and ultimately provides a decent guard (perhaps best we had by default) and is released yielding finally a compensatory selection. Groves was a decent center who is traded to Miami for Satele, who has been solid, but not exactly what a team hoping to build a playoff team expects to get from high to mid second round picks. No saving grace in the rest of this one either. Only names recognizable: Stu Schweigert, Carlos Francis, and Johnnie Morant, and for all the wrong reasons again.

2005: With the 23rd overall selection, the Raiders selected CB Fabian Washington out of Nebraska, who probably iced his status with the Raiders turning in a 4.29 at the combine. In 47 games over three seasons with the Raiders, he'd amass 123 tackles and five interceptions in 28 starts. Upon acquiring free agent D'Angelo Hall, the Raiders were able to shop Washington around and ultimately trade him to Baltimore for a fourth round selection in 2008. The team while on a steady streak of poor picks in early rounds Al Davis maintained a trend of getting decent value for players in return and cutting losses while still able to do so. The second rounder at 38th overall went for CB Stanford Routt out of Houston, also a speedster, who would suffer several years under scrutiny before emerging in conversations among the league's elite. We all know he would be the first of "cap casualties" released to alleviate the situation caused by Al's exorbitant contracts extended to a handful of players that challenged McKenzie and the current regime. A successful first two rounds? Everyone chime in with a dozen players still on the board that are unquestionably better choices in the comments section please! I'm thinking of a few now... Kirk Morrison would be a decent later pick in this draft, but a sixth rounder spent on DT Antaj Hawthorne, projected much higher but possibly he'd have fallen right off the board due to failing his pre-draft drug test... sound like someone familiar? just say NO!

2006: Okay, now it appears we're getting back on track some, and addressing needs at the same time. The seventh overall selection goes on S Michael Huff out of Texas. While there are some clear gems taken after him in this draft, I'm calling this a good pick as Huff remains a starter on the team and may flourish under the Allen/Tarver system. The second rounder at 38 overall went on LB Thomas Howard out of Texas-El Paso. As for the remaining picks? Not so much... names like McQuistan and Bing make this list. Moving on...

2007: With the number one pick overall, the Oakland Raiders selected... ahem. They selected... the Raiders took...

Jamarcus Russell. Purple drank consumer, Louisiana State University. I'm actually still hoping you can salvage your waste of a career somehow but think Ryan Leaf is probably more likely...

Never mind that Zach Miller was selected with the second rounder at 38th overall from Arizona State. This first and second rounder trumps any decent ones for four years prior and maybe four after if not for how well the team has done in mid rounds and have moved to put themselves in a position to recover from a monumental swing and miss with the first pick Russell was. The only saving grace here for the team is that it was pretty much a general consensus before he ever took a snap that most teams would have taken him with the pick. Cold consolation there...

with that, we'll resume from 2008 to present in another post, so as to start off with a fresh perspective... check back shortly!

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