Even the odds makers have us in the cellar!

Bastards! No one seems to believe in our beloved Raiders! At least no one outside The Raider Nation! This is reposted fromYahoo Sports and National Football Post.

NFL divisional odds for 2012 are out

By Joe Fortenbaugh | National Football Post

We may be waist-deep in NFL draft talk at the moment, but I wanted to take a quick break and divert your attention to the odds Lucky’s Race & Sports Book in Las Vegas has posted on each team to win its division in 2012.

Lucky’s posted the numbers on Wednesday and in doing so, became the first shop in town to offer prices on each team to win its division. It’s no surprise that Peyton Manning and the Broncos opened as the favorite to win the AFC West (8/5), but take note that the Eagles are the current favorite to win the NFC East (7/5).

Personally, I think there’s some value on the Chicago Bears at 7/2 and the Atlanta Falcons at 2/1.


Denver Broncos: 8/5
San Diego Chargers: 11/5
Kansas City Chiefs: 5/2
Oakland Raiders: 3/1

3/1? Seriously? I suppose that the fact that KC and SD were already eliminated before the last games of the season were played doesn't mean a damn thing does it? I suppose because we haven't made any big headlines like Manning and the Donkeys means we are going to suck as far as they are concerned right? BULLSHIT!

I have said it before and I will say it again even though I know I am preaching to the choir. We are going to have our first winning season in a DECADE! Reggie Mac-n-cheese is doing a kick ass job of getting rid of dead weight and making a bunch of smart "value added" aquisitions in FA and I have no doubt that he will do the same with the draft! We are going to have a good maybe a great season (depending on DMAC staying healthy) and I truly believe we have as good a chance as anyone to take the AFC West and go to the playoffs! I am getting just a bit tired of these so called sports writers writing us off as cellar dwellers! I honestly believe that none of them are paying any attention to what is going on in Oakland! I think they are so far up Manning's ass that they can't see the total transformation that is going on in our beloved Raiders locker room!

You know what on second thought this might be a good thing. They are all so busy stuffing their heads up Manning Luck and RGIII's asses that they aren't paying any attention to us! Meanwhile our owner the eminently forgettable Mr. bad haircut is letting Reggie "looks like a cabbage patch kid" Mac is making ninja like moves under the radar and improving the team by leaps and bounds with NO SUPERSTARS! And suppose everything goes as we all hope and we come out like gangbusters and just start crushing the competition they will all be like WTF? Where the fuck did these guys come from? Who the fuck are these guys come from and where are our chokeland faiders? And we are here sitting pretty and telling all the haters to suck it and kiss our silver and black asses! Damn that sounds good!

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