The Raiders in 2012, and Jack's last mock draft.

I just watched some 2011 highlights of the Oakland Raiders. Possibly the best highlights I have seen.

2011 Oakland Raiders Highlights (via jayman1up)

Watching McFadden run, Palmer passing to both DHB and Moore, while knowing that Ford can be a very dangerous receiver as well, I absolutely love how our offense will be this year. Our defense needs work, bu when we get Shaugnessy back, I have a feeling our pass rush would get a huge boost. Not to mention that Bartell and Spencer will surely provide good, dependable coverage for us.And Wheeler would be a good sub package player for us that may start. Also can't forget about signing Dennis Allen as our new, defensive minded head coach, and Jason Tarver as our DC. Upgrades at both positions of coaching respectively.

Now we have the draft coming up. I love how our offense is right now. We are a threat everywhere on the field, in both the passing and running game. With the draft coming up. we can use the picks to shore up our defense even more, while having solid coaching to help develop our defense and call the right plays.

Its hard for me to not picture an overall better year for us next year. McClain cannot get any worse then he was last year (despite him putting up better numbers then the pats Jerod Mayo), we have better coaching, McFadden is coming back and if he gets injured Taiwan Jones has a year under his belt to step in in his place (he won't be mcfadden but he is a chris johnson like RB), and with our defense overall last year we still went 8-8, and on the verge of going into the playoffs. On defense we are getting Shaugnessy back too.

Taking all of this into account, I find it hard to believe that we won't be better next year. Maybe the loss of Wimbley would affect us, but I think we will be fine without him. Overall, you can't blame me for being very optimistic about our season next year.

And so I will bring you my last mock draft of the offseason. Preseason cannot come any sooner. :(

3rd comp.- Malik Jackson, DE/DT- Jackson can play 4-3 DE and 4-3 DT, and has the size to play 3-4 DE. He would make a great rotational DL for us. Profile, and Video.

4th comp.- Travis Lewis, OLB- Lewis possesses great instincts, and the ability to not only cover in a zone, but is able to work through tackles against the run. Profile, and Video

5th round pick- Asa Jackson, CB- Watching the video, I think Asa would provide great depth for us at CB, and has some starter qualities to him. In the video, I saw great displays of tackling and ball skills, and he looks to have the speed and hip movement to be a good man cover corner. Here is the video!

5th comp.- Ryan Miller, OG- Miller possesses excellent OG size at 6-7 321 lbs. He is a great run blocker, and posses natural pass blocking fundamentals. Profile. No video.

6th round pick.- Miles Burris, OLB- Burris can play 4-3 DE, 4-3 OLB, and 3-4 OLB. he has great speed and change of direction ability and vision. The only knock on him really is his coverage skills, but he could develop into an awesome pass rusher. Video

I am getting pumped for this season. Things are looking to go in the right direction for us, and we can definitely see some huge improvements within a couple years. I'm proud to witness the Raiders great change from mediocrity to greatness. Might take a few more years, but imo the wait will be worth it.

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