Cantor Gaming Releases 2012 NFL Betting Lines Through Week 16, With Little Respect for Oakland

So I came across this article last night, where Cantor Gaming has released preliminary betting lines for the entire NFL season, save Week 17 when playoff teams usually bench their starters.

I haven't dissected the entire list yet; last night I mainly focused on the Raiders before I called it a day. I was anything but surprised that they only favored us in 3 games, and 1 split. You read that right; 1, 2, 3 games total. However, I can't say I wasn't a little insulted. For such a prominent gaming institution to make such a snap judgement on an up and coming team makes me laugh. I hope they lose more than a few bucks due to their ignorance. Take a jump to see the lines, and my picks.

So, without further adieu, here are the Week by Week lines, and my thoughts...

Week 1: Chargers (PICK) @ Raiders

My Opinion: Raiders win this BIG, 33-13. This beat-down was a very long time in the making. You talk s*** for years, you get lucky two years ago (remember Murph's no catch?), you cost us the playoffs last year and talk more s***...Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, it's on.

Week 2: Raiders (+3.5) @ Dolphins

My Opinion: Tannehill is going to have a rough day. Welcome to the NFL, rook. Raiders, 23-14

Week 3: Steelers (-3) @ Raiders

My Opinion: Raiders 20-17. This game will be a changing of the guard. Pittsburgh is getting old and slow and with no prominent running game (Mendenhall coming off injury) to keep us off the field, they will be helpless to do anything. The score won't dignify the +400 yards of total offense we hang on the Steel Curtain.

Week 4: Raiders (+7) @ Broncos

My Opinion: SEVEN??? How much weed did you smoke before you registered this line? Look, I know they have Manning, but that's about it. I cannot wait to see Shaugnessy and Houston give him a warm welcome to the AFC West. Raiders 28-23

Week 5: BYE

Week 6: Raiders (+6.5) at Falcons

My Opinion: Well the curse continues. I honestly think we have all the weapons to win this game, but we're still evolving, and up against another hot, up and coming team. Everyone takes one to the chin eventually.

Falcons 30-23

Week 7: Jaguars (+5.5) @ Raiders

My Opinion: Hey, they picked us for once. And they're probably right. Raiders 34-20

Week 8: Raiders (+4) @ Chiefs

My Opinion: This will be an ugly game; both teams have ludicrously bad intentions for the other this week. I think it's truly a toss up, but look for Routt to get burned by DHB during the 2 minute drill. Raiders 24-21

Week 9: Bucs (+4.5) @ Raiders

My Opinion: The Bucs have had more upheaval than us; new coach, major personnel changes, and one of their defensive starters is out for the year (Bowers). Also, they're 3,000 miles from home for this one. Raiders 28-13

Week 10: Raiders (+8) @ Ravens

My Opinion: The Ravens easily have the ability to cover this spread, but I still think the Raiders could surprise some people this year. Looking forward to attending since I live in Baltimore. The Raiders put up a helluva fight, but can't quite make it all 60 minutes against a truly elite team. Ravens 23-21

Week 11: Saints (-3) @ Raiders

My Opinion: Depends completely on which Saints team shows up. If they're still hot, I gotta lean towards them, no question. If not, I think we can mess them up. Let's hope for the best (but think logically). Saints 37-30

Week 12: Raiders (+4.5) @ Bengals

My Opinion: This line insulted me more than any other. By this time of year the Bungles will be praying for seasons end. I know they have some great players and had a good draft, with our picks, but in such a tough division with a nasty schedule, I see them reeling by this point. I see Palmer carving them up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Raiders 28-17

Week 13: Browns (+4.5) @ Raiders

My Opinion: Seems legit. The Browns are eternally 3 steps away from a quality team. No QB, No RB, No Defense. Raiders 35-14

Week 14: Broncos (+1.5) @ Raiders

My Opinion: If Peyton Manning is still standing by this time of year, Denver will be pretty hot. Manning is always hot in December. We could possibly lose depending on Denver's momentum here. Broncos 24-20

Week 15: Chiefs (+2.5) @ Raiders

My Opinion: Again, this is a nasty divisional game. But with so much on the line, and tempers flaring over last week's debacle, no way we let this one go. Raiders 30-20

Week 16: Raiders (+4.5) @ Panthers

My Opinion: This line surprised me. I know they have Cam, a very explosive offense, and it's an East Coast game, but I don't think they win. Raiders are tooling up for January. Raiders 27-24

Week 17: Raiders (NO LINE) @ Chargers

My Opinion: There's no line, but with a home playoff game on the line for the second year in a row, Raiders take care of business in vicious fashion. Raiders 28-14

Well, after reading those picks, you'd probably think I'm the crazy one; I have the Raiders @ 12-4 and 11-3-2 against the spread. I'm just optomistic for 2012. Many think the world will end this year. It will for many when the Raiders win the AFC West, haha! I just saw this and felt like making a small writeup, and encouraging you all to let us know your thoughts. Catch you on the Flipside, Raider Nation.

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