My Monday Night 53

I Honestly couldn't be happier with the offseason the Oakland Raiders and Reggie have transitioned too. We got rid of some pre-madonnas i.e Routt, Whimbley, Johnson, ect ect ect. We brought in some guys with a huge chip on there shoulder or as I would say 'Underdogs' i.e Bartell, Wheeler, Spencer ect ect ect. Guys who still have a lot to prove, guys who have put in the work but haven't been recognized, and thats what erects heart on a football team. Not only did we upgrade in so many positions throughout free agency, but the draft and in many UDFA additions. With that being said I still see so many acquisitions up Reggie Mckenzie's sleeves I see us going into training camp with over 80 guys so we can round out the best 53 coming into the season.The key to this team to Oakland Raiders in the past is depth and Im loving the depth on this roster.



  • Carson Palmer(C)
  • Matt Lienart-A good pickup, definitely has something to prove this may be his last chance.
  • Terelle Pryor


  • Darren Mcfadden-I think Mcfadden should be reduced to about 15 carries a game.
  • Mike Goodson- Should take about 8-10 snaps.
  • Taiwon Jones- Primary screen back with atleast 5 carries a game.

Our Three Headed Monster!


  • Marcelle Reece
  • Lanaye Miller-Big guy I think can be converted to a FB position, hell we did it to Reece!


  • Darrius Heyward-Bey-Leading Receiver in receptions
  • Denarius Moore-Recieving yardage leader
  • Jacoby Ford-ST Stud!
  • Louis Murphy
  • Jaron Criner-Redzone Threat

Loaded with possession and speed.


  • Dallas Clark-I think we really need a veteran presence at this postion.
  • David Ausberry-Good for him to learn from a veteran.
  • Brandon Myers

If not Dallas Clark I think Jeremy Shockey would be lovely as well.


  • Stefan Weisnieski-Beast in the trenches
  • Jarred Valdeer
  • Mike Breisel-OL Captain
  • Cooper Carlisle
  • Khalif Barnes
  • Joseph Barksdale
  • Tony Bergstrom-I cant even fathom the potential this man has
  • Lucas Nix-Biggest steal after draft weekend
  • Ed Wang-What is this?The Replacements?

A lot of depth in those trenches.



  • Aaron Curry(C)-Hoping he'll step up as a captain
  • Rolando McClain
  • Phillip Wheeler-No one believes in this guy, I fucking love this guy, too much heart to stand!
  • Travis Goethel
  • Miles Burris-I can see him being on the inside taking Rolando's job.

I choose 5 LB because were so stacked at DE I see Tollesfon and Shaugnessy off the line in a 3-4


  • Richard Seymor(DE/DL)(C)
  • Tommy Kelly(DL)-Apparently our 'nose tackle'
  • Matt Shaugnessy(DL)-coming hard after an injury sidelined him last season
  • Lamaar Houston(DE)-Im seeing being a terror!
  • Dave Tollefson(DE)-Jared Allen Jr?
  • Jack Crawford(DE)-Hidden Gem in the draft!
  • Christo Bulukidi(DL)-Big boy with evryone against him, I like this pick.
  • Dominque Hamilton(DL)

The best in the WEST baby!


  • Ron Bartell(C)He's like a Cartwright on D!
  • Shawnte Spencer-Got his postion taken in SF , I dont see him letting that happen again!
  • Bryann McCann
  • DVD
  • Chimdi Chekwa-More playing time next season
  • Brandon Underwood or Pat Lee

Idk if Trufant is still available but I'd love to see him and Shepperd over Lee/Underwood.



Our Pro-Bowlers!

With the addition of maybe a few veterans here and there at TE and DB and I think were set, I havent felt this way about a team since 2002. I think head to head were more physical than any team in the league, I think coaching is going to be the difference between 8-8 and 10-6. Its an awesome feeling going into mini camp,I give it up for our GM and coaches to pick the top 53 its no easy feat, I cant wait to see what our 53 man roster will look like on the opening Monday Night! Tell me what ya'll think?

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